Sunday, May 26, 2013

Story Sunday

Next Sunday The Virginity Mission will be out. So I thought I'd leave you this week with some pictures from the mangroves part of my trip.

But before the pictures, this is the last entry in my diary of what I took away from the trip -

I'm not going to be getting back into old habits. I'm going to get out and do things. Spend my money, live it up. That's what I've learnt this trip, that it's the things you do on impulse that you enjoy the most, and the things you do from heart and guts that get you the furthest. Thinking about things delays, causes anxiety and generally helps you chicken out of thrills and action. So from now on, my heart is ruling my head and I'm going to have heaps and heaps of fun!

Ah, yes, maybe I need those words tattooed on my forehead - or my hand, where I'm more likely to see them! Although, I must have spent my money because I have not much in my bank account. :)  I still do things on impulse (much to my husband's despair - he's the ultimate planner). So maybe I did remember some of what I learned.

I hope you enjoy The Virginity Mission, out 1 June.

Some of the roots of the mangroves

High tide and the mangrove system

Me on one of the zodiaks we zoomed around in

A waterhole on the walk 'home'


  1. One week to go. I bet you go up on the Escape blog early, most times they post a few days early. It wasn't there today though (I checked).

    1. Thanks, Lily. Keep prodding me cos I am useless at promo.

      Cate xo

  2. Hey Cate, I'm wondering how to get an Arc for a review. Now don't get me wrong.... I get Arc's for my mum but I will purchase an ebook copy for myself. Thx :)

    1. Hello MrsPatty,
      You could contact Escape Publishing
      who are the publishers. They may be able to help you. I know it was available on NetGalley if you use that.

      Good luck and thanks for visiting.

      Cate xox