Friday, November 30, 2012

Tall Ship

I went on a Tall Ship in Sydney Harbour this week. It was called Southern Swan and was built in 1922. This disappointed me. For some crazy reason I wanted to be on something built in the 1700s, like a convict ship, one of the first fleet, something of that ilk. Crazy notion I had.

The day was lovely and calm. Not the truly gorgeous Sydney weather we hoped for but way better than it could have been. They had a couple of sails up, but I wanted to hear the wind in the sails. I wanted to feel us tugged along by the breath of the world. God, such fanciful crazy notions. I didn't realise I had them until I had to work out why I was disappointed.

Do you ever do something and feel irrationally disappointed afterwards?

Do you ever have crazy notions like I do?

I'm putting mine down to the cold I'm suffering and my lack of voice (again). This time of year my voice always goes AWOL and nothing frustrates me more! (Oh, and it's summer here, so I can't blame the cold weather).

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Writing Bug

Something bit me last week - and I'm not just talking about the mosquitoes and sandflies that have started chomping season! The writing bug bit me again. I try to write each day but some days it's a struggle. When the bug bites, there is no struggle. Words and ideas flow freely. I'm on a roller coaster and it's only going up. Ideas spring forth that were buried in my brain. Jagged bits of scenes fly out of fingers tips or pencils. I get down everything I can, no matter how rubbish. Catching these brain bursts is the most important thing. And so I write, type, scribble. I don't wnat to sleep because there's so much to write. It's a frenzy. (But I do sleep... I can't live without sleeping)

And now I'm wondering if I burn myself out. Should I be pacing so there's less frenzy and more sanity? How would I do this? Maybe our muse works differently depending on our wiring. I hate to think what my wiring looks like!? It must be a hazy crazy mix of colours and sizes all criss-crossed in chaos.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Season of Giving

I have a work colleague who's having a really rough time with an ill child. He's not asking for money for himself but for research into the illness his daughter suffers with. In case you're looking for a good cause, I thought I'd share this link.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Old Dogs and New tricks

I learned something through the week - something I thought I could do but I learned that I'd sucked at it! Not good for the ego... but when you re-learn something and get it right - Holy Toledo! It's fun. Damn fun.

But you have to have the right teacher. I'm lucky, I did.

To learn (or re-learn) you need someone with infinite patience, who's interested in the teaching and not only in the outcome, who can articulate so you understand, and someone with a sense of humour.

If I couldn't laugh at my mistakes I'd be in a very bad way!

My teacher is the best. My skills have improved. And now all I need is more practise.

Life can be very good :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Are Moustaches Sexy?

It's Movember. A time when we "celebrate" moustaches as a reminder of men's health and a fundraiser for prostate cancer.

But are moustaches sexy?

When I was a kid (in the 1970s) moustaches were sexy. The Australian cricket team had the very sexy Dennis Lillee with his famous moustache. But hair was in then - big chest hair with gold chains.

Have we changed?

These days we're more likely to see models waxed and buffed than sporting chest hair. Models go for the sexy look of the 5 o'clock shadow, rather than a full beard.

I'm not a mo fan, myself, but I did kiss a mo that I enjoyed a long time ago. I thought I wouldn't like it but was surprised at how appealing that tickle was.

I'm writing some moustache kisses for Movember. You can find them here at Mo-Ro.

But let me give you a taste:

Day 7 - November 6
It’s two o’clock and so far my day’s been kiss- and caterpillar-free. We’ve been busy and I like busy days, they go more quickly. Another hour and we’ll watch the Melbourne Cup and have afternoon tea, barring customers who don’t know that Australia stops for a horse race.
My boss hovers behind me while I serve the last customer. When they leave, he clears his throat. Turning around I hold back a groan. The next wanna-be caterpillar is lined up waiting. It’s fluffy and a truly poor excuse for six days growth.
I brush a kiss on him that has him jumping back and sucking air. My technique didn’t suck that badly. Maybe I zapped him with static.
“Hello, Officers,” he mumbles.
I turn to the counter and there’s Dutch and Mo from Saturday night.
“How can we help you?” My boss asks the question for the very first time. He never works at the counter much less helps anyone.
Dutch answers. “My partner here’s after another kiss but looks like you beat him.”
Mo flushes a dark pink and no doubt I’m a matching hue.
“No. I came to pay. I assume I have to pay for the kiss.” Mo’s even redder, if that’s possible.
I point to the donations bucket at the end of the cashier’s desk and walk there with Mo on the other side of the divide. When we get there I lean on the counter so I won’t be overheard. “You didn’t need to come in to pay.”
“I wanted to.” He glances down for a long heartbeat before looking up directly at me. “I hoped to find out who you are.”
My heart jumps before taking up a faster pace. “Briana Malton.”
“I’m Mark Bridgetine.”
“Hi Mark. It suits you better than Mo. I’m sorry about that.” I give him my best apologetic smile.
“I’m not.” Mark has a charming smile that makes his pale green eyes sparkle. My breath catches.
“C’mon Casanova,” Dutch calls. When I glance to him, a couple of customers have walked in.
“Will you be at the pub Saturday night?” Mark asks.
I’d really like to say yes, super quickly but that will appear way too eager and pathetic. So I play it cool. “I usually end up there.” My cheeks are hurting from the smile that may burst off my face.
“I hope to see you there. I could save a kiss, if you need one.”
The thought of kissing him again sends tingles through me, even if his moustache is thickening. I nod, vigorously, betraying my attempted cool demeanour.
He leaves and I go back to work. There are too many days until Saturday.
Twenty four kisses to go. And one I’m definitely looking forward to.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Release Day: A Real Online Fantasy

It's Release Day!!! YEAH :)

The party is happening at the Hot Down Under blog. Leave us a comment and you can win a story, or all 5!

Have you ever had an online relationship? 
Ever met them in real life? 

Condamine and Esquire have a sizzling online relationship. But when Esquire suggests they meet, Condamine worries that meeting will ruin what they share online.

Find out what happens by spending 99 cents on my new release!

Find out where to BUY IT here.

Movember Challenge

Rhyll Biest has set me a challenge - well, two - for the month, because you know, there's nothing else keeping me busy! :)

Challenge 1: I have 50 postcards to celebrate the release of my Hot Down Under story and I have to drop these in strange and dangerous locations (okay, letterboxes count, fictional escapades also count). Luckily for me, mine have not yet arrived!

Challenge 2: It's Movember. You know, when men grow moustaches for the month to raise money for prostate cancer research and raise awareness to men's health issues. So, Rhyll had this super idea that we write Mo-Ro, that is Moustache Romance, as flash fiction to encourage donations to the Movember challenge.

So, if you're into some Mo-Ro, drop by the blog. My plan is to write a moustachioed kiss every day. Day 1 is up there, and it's just fuzz :)

Mo-Ro blog

and if you want to find out more about Movember, all the information is here