Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Wildlife Wednesday

Here are a few pics of the critters about at the moment. 

Obviously, I can only take photos of ducks in a row - I can't get myself sorted at all!

Jumping spider on agapanthus stem

Little spider in web

Cycloctenus species of spider

Seagull on patrol

Australian Raven


Male Superb Fairy Wren singing

Australian Pelican

Having your ducks in a row!

Welcome Swallow

Friday, November 11, 2022

Fearless Friday - photos

 Oh boy, it's been another huge break from here. I have no clue where the time vanishes to!

Here are some photos from yesterday...just so I can keep this blog going until I get myself writing again, or find words, or whatever is missing.

Onion weed flower

A bunch of onion weed flowers


Fish and their shadows in the river

A Little Tern caught dinner

A young Welcome Swallow keeps an eye on me

Another young Welcome Swallow


Plane and contrail