Friday, February 27, 2015

Phallic Friday - D/s

Dominance/submission is listed as a fetish, so it's in my list. It'll play a large role in my story.

I think D/s plays a large role in a lot of fetishes - sometimes in an obvious way, and other times with more obscurity. I'm hoping I might be able to show that.

D/s can be done well, or done poorly. In some relationships the Dom/me can be abusive rather than dominant. In others, the sub can be controlling rather than truly submissive. I want to touch on some of these kinds of relationships, have a look at pairings that aren't right...when sometimes the couple don't know they're not right.

To me, it's a mental 'game' so much more than a physical one. And I'm hoping this story might be able to work on that.

Peri is a submissive who's not had a lot of life experience. She's curious about everything and trying to stand on her own, so she's ripe for learning, desperate for knowledge and eager to work out how she's going to fit into this new world. That gives me a lot to play with...I hope!

So there'll be a D/s theme throughout the whole story, but there'll also be D/s themes and characters in scenes within the story.

I think there are some writers who do fantastic D/s scenes, so I'll be reading and re-reading to make sure I can get the right kind of feel. One of the most amazing submissive voices I've read is the opening story in The Big Book of Submission. That story blew me away with the clever insight into the submissive mind. Stories like that give me somewhere to aim ... way way up high!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday - spiders (with photo)

Mr E taped this awesome show that was on sometime ago called Spider House. It was a BBC program so not a lot of our spiders, but an unreal program just the same.

During the second part, they talked spider sex and babies. They showed lots of baby spiders emerging from their cocoon/sac, which maybe got my eye in for looking for baby spiders. It's the baby time of year and in the next two days after seeing the show, I found 2 babies. This one I managed to photograph, even if it's a completely weird image! Let me explain :)

The spider is on a mirror. So I got my little camera right up close, and got a shot of the spider and my camera. That part of my camera is 2 cm across, so the baby's little. And he looks really coloured here but to the naked eye, he was like a spider husk. That's how I found it. I thought it was the dead spider and I blew it, but it scurried away! I think it's a baby huntsman, we get a few of them in our house.

On the Spider House show, they showed lots of webs and discussed web building and even dissected a dead spider to examine the spinnerets inside it's abdomen. It was fascinating. I didn't realise that spiders produce at least 4 different types of silk that have different roles in web building and prey capture. There's really high tensile silk that makes the anchor points for the web, then a lighter silk to make the initial circuits to bed down the shape/space, then a tougher, stickier silk to weave the web, and also a different lighter/finer silk to capture prey and house their eggs.

If you get to see the show, it's really worthwhile. But if you're not fond of spiders, they do lots and lots of close ups!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Story - Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives

Release Date: 1st March 2015

Lana is in print!!!

The lovely people at Harlequin have bundled the 11 Sydney Housewives up together and launched us into print, in one gorgeous glossy book.

We'll be out in Target and Big W, selected Dymocks shops and other booksellers, on 1 March, for (I think) $15.99.

I've never seen a book I'm in, live in a bookshop, so I'll be a lot excited to see this...I might even take photos :)

No idea how they'll sell...but it has to help that the 50 Shades movie is out now (I hope!).

Good luck, girls!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Phallic Friday - mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation isn't a very weird fetish, is it? I've written these sorts of scenes before. In Deep Diving there's one, with some musculature dancing.

Wikipedia has a huge amount of info on the different forms of mutual masturbation, if you're interested you can go here.

I'm going to look at mutual masturbation in a D/s role, I think. I'm also going to use frottage in the D/s scene.

This is from wikipedia: "Frottage is the general term for the act of rubbing any part of the body, including the buttocks, the breasts, abdomen, thighs, feet, hands, legs and sexual organs against the sexual organ of another person; this is done whether naked or clothed."

This is a great way to extend foreplay, and I think D/s play can really highlight this. I'm not entirely sure how it will go, but hopefully it'll be hot and steamy - and maybe a little eye-opening for Peri who won't have seen anything like this before. Well, I think that's what will happen! This book isn't writing as quickly as Fridays are coming around - but at least I'm thinking about it and working out how these scenes might fit together (well, that's what I tell myself).

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday - Koel

This is a male Koel. I've featured the Koel before but with the juvenile/female photo, you can see it here.

I've never seen a male before, but I was doing something outside and I heard a bird land on the bird bath (and there is a smidgey bit of water in it even though it looks empty!). I snuck over to have a look and couldn't believe my eyes - a bird I didn't know! So I went very quietly inside and got my camera and the lovely thing waited for me. So I shot off a heap of photos, then I went inside to the bird book (my well-thumbed bird book!).

So I thought catbird or spangled drongo, but they weren't right. I rang and chatted to Dad because he'd sent me an email about catbirds which had them on my mind. But he agreed it wasn't right. So while I yarned to Dad I flicked through my book and lo and behold, a Koel! Dad and I are familiar with the female/juvenile Koels with their striped tails, but neither of us had seen the male.

So that was my excitement for that day - capturing an image of the male Koel...and adding another bit of knowledge to my wildlife brain.

Do you have Koels near you?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Story - the life of an erotic writer

I need to have a little rant today...about the slurs erotic writers cop all the frigging time. Not just from non-writers, but from writers too - and within the romance community. You'd think we were writing about horrible, awful things instead of something that is normal and natural. It's almost as if they think sex is shockingly disgusting (and therefore we are too) yet I can prove most of the whingers and complainers have actually had sex (they have natural-born children - can't have more proof than that).

People who write erotic romance, can actually write. It's not that all our stories contain is sex. We tell a story, we add sex into that story. We have all the skills of a 'normal' romance writer, with the added skill of writing a fully depicted sex scene.

People who write erotic romance are entitled to be published and publicised, have readers, have series, have support from publishing houses. We aren't a lesser entity because of what we write. We're writers. We write stories.

And contrary to popular opinion, we can write stories where the sex is minimal, or even non-existent. There are quite a few erotic authors with 'sweet' stories too, and some who write in two or more sub-genres (one being not erotic). So we don't need to have sex in our stories, we choose to. If you'd like us to write something that's 'sweet' then all you need to do is ask politely - no need for nastiness or assumptions that we're incapable.

People who write erotic romance are illuminating a shadowy side of life - sex lives. Society tries to hide from sex, or snigger about it, or be shocked by it - but erotic writers are taking a stand and saying that we're proud to discuss sex. It's a natural facet of life that doesn't need the shadows and innuendo and crap.

So next time you're going to sneer at someone, think about what you're actually saying and showing. Sometimes you're a hypocrite - especially when your child is proof that you've had sex at least once!

If you prefer me not to speak about sex, I'm more than happy to discuss other topics. I've been doing so for many years and am quite capable of holding a conversation without 'corrupting' you, or even mentioning sex.

I'm an erotic writer. I write about sex. I have an imagination. I tell stories. And I'm bloody proud of what I do.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Phallic Friday - long hair

Sometimes I like men with long hair - there's something wild and untamed about it. They're bucking society's standards and pleasing themselves. Bad boys :) There are a lot of them as the heroes in romances, so I can't be alone in my thoughts.

But there's also a fetishism about long hair. I don't have that fetish, although I do have long hair. Some men like to watch women brush/comb their long hair. Others like to do the brushing/combing. Sometimes it's not the brushing/combing but the movement of the hair, or the hair wrapped around them, spread over them, tickling or touching them.

Hair fetishism need not to be confined to the hair on a head, it can also be for pubic hair, chest hair, underarm hair, leg hair, fur. It can be for long/short, wet/dry, thick/thin, various/particular colour of hair. Pubic hair extensions can also be a fetishism (merkins anyone?).

There's also haircut fetishism where the cutting of hair, or the paraphernalia associated with that, causes the sexual arousal.

My dancing man had long hair, and one of the girls who works at the club has really long hair (below her butt). Peri has long hair too but not that long.

So I'm going to play with a few of the hair fetishisms in the story. The hot male with long hair, who's a lot wild and quite a wickedly sinful Dom. He's going to intrigue Peri after the dance scene. She's going to question why he's such a popular person at the club. She'll be thinking of his physique, actions and manner, but also his appearance and how much an impact that has on people.

She's going to watch while the long haired lady uses her hair in scenes with men and women - brushing, combing, flicking, washing. She'll watch as the participants react and beg to touch. She'll wonder if she can do the same even though her hair is only to her waist. And she'll wonder about her past.

Then I'll investigate haircut fetishism. One of the long haired people will have their haircut short, or shaved, by someone aroused by this. Or maybe a crowd of people aroused by it...I've only got a draft so far, so it's not very good yet.

Then maybe contrast the person's appeal when they had long hair vs short hair...see if their appeal changed, or if it was only with certain people.

Who thought you could get so many story lines from a single fetish? Have you got any ideas for me?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday - Black Flower Wasps

More unknowns...I told you last week I thought it was deliberate, that the insects are ganging up on me!

These ones are beautiful and intriguing. And Mr E noticed and commented on them, so they must be more than your average beetle!

In the front yard we have a strip of agapanthus instead of a fence. Close to the letterbox is one bed, then there's a small gap to the other bed (no idea why, they were there when we moved here!). These blue-black beetles with bright blue-purple wings are zooming around the bed closest to the letterbox and not the other bed. Why? Who knows!

I stood out there trying to get a photo for a while (10 minutes or more) and took maybe 20 photos before I snared these 3 (by putting the camera on sports mode). These bugs do not stop. Well, one did, for about a second near my foot but all I got was a photo of grass.

They're not small, maybe 3 cm long. They're extremely noticeable ... but almost impossible to see clearly. There are about 5 of them out there and they've been there for a week.

I've never seen anything that colour before, or that size.

Not even sure what to Google about them...but I'll try blue bug. I'm not even sure if they're a beetle or a bug or a fly. The photos don't clearly show a hard carapace (shell) that might cover the wings, so it may not be a beetle, but often you can't see them in flight.

Oh, good grief! I think blue flying bug found it for me!

I first found this on a gardening forum - Midgin, they are Black Flower Wasps (Discolia soror) their wings are iridescent blue.
They are native solitary wasps and at this time of year you often see them hovering around compost heaps and lawns, they also feed on nectar.....the female wasp burrows onto the soil to locate beetle larvae..(curl grubs etc) which she stings then lays an egg on, the larvae of the wasp then has a food source until the following season when it emerges from underground, so are useful predators to have around.
They can sting but are usually not aggressive.

Then I found the Victoria Museum had information - 
  1. The flower wasp most frequently seen in the back yard of most Victorians is. These wasps will most likely be seen flying just above ground level and in particular flying near or around compost heaps, wood heaps or dead stumps of trees. They can be easily recognised by:
    • their wings, which have a distinctive, metallic, blue-purple sheen
    • their size, which is usually 2.5 to 3.0 cm
    • their colour, which is predominantly black
    • their wing veins, which do reach the margin of the wing
    • their antennae, which are short.
WOW... I love Google :) I love doing this post so I find out what these things are. I'm off to ogle them again now!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Phallic Friday - erotic dance

One of the first fetish ideas that came to me was dance. What do you think of when I first say "erotic dance"? Well, mine was rubbing up against a
guy who was wearing not a lot... you can probably blame my interest in Manpower in my younger days and my friends.

There are a few forms of erotic dance - like stripping and pole dancing - but I'm interested in the one-on-one form, which could include lap dances and private strip teases, but doesn't for this story.

For this story I'm developing a scene from a few past ideas and events.

Years back, a friend told me that you could check out a man's package if you danced right up close to him - yes, I think we were drunk at the time, but she was right. Dance right up close and grind your hips against his and you certainly can check out his gear if there's good chemistry happening. Have you ever done that? Or was I led astray by my friends? :)

When I was young, there was a magazine, Australian Women's Forum, that was something like a cross between a woman's magazine and playboy for women. I subscribed. One month's issue had this incredible photo spread of a guy, who was wet, near naked, really exquisitely muscled, and in my favourite image, kneeling on some rocks or the sand or something (who cared about the background when he caught my eye!?). Turned out he was Jamie Durie and he was in Manpower. I made a promise to myself that I'd see him for real. Some months later, or even longer, Manpower were coming to the town I worked in. I was probably the last person anyone expected to gather together a bunch of women to go to Manpower, but that's what I did. I think half a dozen of us went and I admitted to my crush. Not only was the show amazing, but Manpower were having photos afterwards with groups of women. We went...and god love those girls...they had me plonked on Jamie Durie's lap. That photo adorned my office wall for years!

So, my scene in this book is going to use a guy built like Jamie Durie at his Manpower peak (maybe bigger), and a bit of dancing like he did with Manpower, but with my heroine doing some package checking moves. Do you think that could work?

Here's a little extract from the first draft of the scene:

I dance close to him, lured by his movements. We touch. A brief slip of his fingers against my arm but it’s like lightning. My body jerks to a halt. My arm burns. I resume dancing but I’m addicted to his touch. We brush each other more. His hand against my arm. My fingers brush his chest. His hand slides over my hip. Mine curves over his thigh. It’s now a heady dance of touching and not touching. Of closeness and distance.
My lust burns strongly. My body tingles with passion. I want to be covered by this man. I want to be smothered by him, moulded against him, cradled in those powerful thighs.
I dance around him. Circling faster and faster. Closer and closer. My breasts scrape against his back, my nipples rock hard from the contact. My breath jams in my throat but I keep moving. I dance in front of him and he catches me. His arms around my body. I’m pulled flush against him. My nipples aren’t the only thing rock hard.
His arms are like vices. His chest burning hard muscle. His thighs trap me with ease. His cock scores my stomach. And still we writhe together to the tempo. I’m held captive but still moving. It’s thrilling. I’ve never felt so alive. I rub against his chest until my nipples are at the point where I can’t tell if it’s pleasure or pain I feel. I moan and he leans me backwards over his arm. My cunt’s pressed against his rock hard thigh. My breasts push upwards, straining against the now oil-covered pink lace. Warm air drifts across the aching peaks. I writhe. I’m pressing down on his thigh, stretching my legs so I can open my labia and seek release. But it isn’t enough happening. I can’t press down hard enough.
My nipples scream for attention but all that touches them is air and the warrior’s gaze. Both are hot and neither are enough. I squirm against him, trying to press my clit against his hard thigh muscles but the way I’m bent stops the access I need. It’s not enough. Not nearly enough.
It’s so long since I’ve felt this alive. This close to release.
As I press downwards again, arching so my breasts strain further against the lace, the warrior growls. His eyes dark seconds before his mouth opens and his tongue pushes out to lap his lips. An aching throb bolts through my body. I want his tongue on me.
He lowers his head. So slowly it’s torturous to watch. His eyes widen as he draws close to my breast. I wait. Holding my breath. Straining. Dying.
Heat. Hot breath. Warmth. Moisture. Pressure. Ahhhh. He sucks my left nipple into his mouth. It’s exquisite. My body relaxes as that tiny moment of release comes.
Relaxation isn’t for long. He laps my nipple with his tongue. He sucks it into his mouth and laps. He bites. Sucks. Pulls. Teases. Flicks. Rolls. Twists. It’s wickedly beautiful torture. My left breast aches with pleasure. My right throbs with need.
I rub on his thigh. The soaking moisture making a slippery surface for my movement. I can’t find release but the pleasure-pain balance is perfect. I’ve never experienced it before. Never been tormented to longing. Never been seduced to frenzy. And I’m frenzied. I need to come.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday - black ladybird

Okay, call me paranoid, but I think critters are coming into my yard just to frustrate me! I have more bugs I've never seen before and have no idea what they are. Do you think it's revenge of the insects?

Today's specimen is a black ladybird. Usually the ladybirds I see are orange with lots of black spots...but this one is black with a couple of yellow spots.

So, off I go to Google and investigate!

Gardening Australia is going to enlighten me today with their fact sheet on lady birds. You can click the GA link to go there, or I'll summarise.

There are 100 species of Ladybirds in Australia!! Holy cow.

There are four common garden species. And the one in my photo might be this one:
The fungus eating ladybird has very bold black and yellow colouration. Both adults and larvae feed on mildew fungus, which is a really common problem in gardens.

Oh, CSIRO has a ladybird page. It's here.

CSIRO says there are over 500 species in Australia on ladybirds!!!

They lay eggs, some species up to 100 eggs. Once hatched, they have larva and pupal stages that don't last very long (only a few days to a fortnight) before they become the adult beetle we see. Males mate within a few days of emerging into an adult. Copulation can last 15-60 minutes, and sometimes hours or days (that's some serious sex time for a tiny beetle!).

Oh...this site is a dream. They have images to compare species.

And this isn't a fungus-eating ladybird. So it's something else judging from the images. But I can't tell you what because I got distracted... OMG! One of the images you can choose is penis. Of course I clicked - and it's fairly safe to do so as long as the word penis doesn't bother you. You can click here.

Some of the shapes are beautiful. Like some intricately carved piece. Some species more elaborate than others. Oh my! Naughty Ninjas, I'll send this to you!! Naughty Nature at it's best and most beautiful!

Okay, I'm off to examine more now. Enjoy :)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Story - Forbidden

I am such a Charlotte Stein fan after being pushed her way by Ainslie Paton and Rhyll Biest, and her latest book, Forbidden, landed on my iPad even though I tried to resist. I blame Ainslie, who wanted to talk to me about how good it was!!!

And it is. It's so so so so so deep this time that the girl speaks funny and you still go with it! And CS never drops out of voice. It's amazing.

It's the type of book I have to read in one sitting though so I get the whole picture without it's rude when someone's talking in your head to stop them! (Please don't say I said that! I sound mad).

This is the sexy priest book that CS had tweeted about. Being raised around priests, this has always been an interesting subject for me, especially after I was banned from The Thorn Birds in my youth (not that a ban meant anything to me except I had to be sneaky and read fast).

I know this is unbelievable, but when I was about 18, I cooked for a weekend retreat for a bunch of guys who thought they wanted to be priests. (Please don't ask why my parents let me cook for a weekend live-in retreat for 20 men - and me, on my own!!) The guy running the weekend was a family friend and a priest (which is why I was there) and he jokingly called me "Mother Confessor". I had guys in the kitchen constantly. They were all in their 20s or so, and they talked. I heard about girlfriends they said they didn't have. I heard about sadness, broken hearts, unhappy childhoods. Lordy me! I could tell you who would make it through and who wouldn't - or shouldn't. It was an astounding thing to be a part of.

This book made me remember such times. God, I spent an inordinate amount of time at the seminary - even celebrated my last exam drinking beer with seminarians on the top deck of the building. LOL! How I ended up writing erotic stories is kind of an unexpected path after that kind of a childhood, isn't it?

Anyway, the latest Charlotte Stein book hit a chord with me. The dark sexy priest who tried to help a girl filled with the devil! Try it...I doubt you'll be disappointed!