Saturday, May 11, 2013

First Review

I saw the first review for The Virginity Mission this week. It's on GoodReads and it's lovely. And what's even more amazing is that I don't know the person!

I thought reviews waited until the book came out but I guess not. I didn't intend to read any reviews (much too terrifying). I was on GoodReads and looked to see if the hunky cover was there - it was :) - but all these people had it marked "to read" or "added" which was a little terrifying.

Anyway, thank you Jeannie for enjoying my story.

And that will be the last review I look at. A good one is such a boost. I'll stick with that.


  1. Great news! Now you're supposed to share that review to Goodreads so we can all see it too!

    1. Not sure what you mean, Lily. I am so useless at Goodreads. I write reviews and that's about my limit!

      It's on Goodreads, so I figured everyone could see it the same as I could. Maybe not.

      techno-challenged Cate xox

  2. WooHoo, Cate. How fabulous (although how did they review it if isn't out yet?). I'm not on GoodReads so can't try and find it, but very thrilled for you.

    1. No idea how they reviewed it early, Anita, but it's something to do with NetGalley. I gather reviewers go there and "get" ARCs to review. I have no clue! LOL

      Cate xo

  3. Hi Cate
    Yes, Netgalley is a site where Escape would have loaded TVM and I guess, perhaps they send out an advice to a blogger network that their June titles are live etc... I had a few reviews before the 'actual' release day that way.
    I'm sure if you go to your review on Goodreads you will be able to Share to Facebook, or something like that. Or if not 'share' then 'like' this review to facebook. Give it a try. I did actually go to your page for TVM and add it to my TBR list and I 'liked' that review while I was there...
    Have a hunt around for buttons under/beside that review and see what you can find.

    Happy Sunday! I have written my epilogue on Goodbye Ride today. Just about to have it read one more time then upload! If you think you're un-techy, share a thought for me about to do battle with Amazon Createspace to self-pub a book.