Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday Story - RWA Conference

It's that time of year again - when we gather for a loud, exuberant weekend of all things romance and writing.

It's a big weekend of activities and people. I'm often overwhelmed by it all...yet I still can't wait :) I didn't go last year because I was sick - this year I'm well, and so very keen (and telling myself not to overdo it even if I feel okay!)

Report to come!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wildlife Wednesday - mangroves, smoke, river

The other afternoon we were covered in a smoke haze. I went down to the river and I snapped this shot. It's much more atmospheric than the afternoon appeared to me :)

These are some young mangrove trees growing at the quiet end of the river. I hope they get a good establishment. They've been growing for a couple of years now and they're mighty slow. I'm worried that if the river gets really stagnant and polluted again (like when we first moved here and it hadn't flooded in years), they may die before they get established.

Mangroves are an important ecosystem, vital for healthy rivers. They allow for nurseries where young fish and other river critters can grow relatively protected. They also work as a filtration system. And their pneumatophores (snorkels poking out of the ground to get air at low tide for the tree to live) are one of the niftiest plant adaptations :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wildlife Wednesday - Lorikeets bathing

I often overlook the Rainbow Lorikeets that inhabit my backyard. They're noisy and pushy and they screech often in an ear piercing manner. They are beautiful, and I should pay more attention to them, but mostly they just annoy me with their sheer volume!

The other day, I was sitting out the front in the winter sun and I was joined by some lorikeets having their ritual morning bath. I don't know if it's the same ones who come each morning, but there's a distinct time for lorikeets. Rosellas come later in the afternoon, but the lorikeets have the mornings.

There's a concreted dip in my lawn underneath a tap, so it's a perfect swimming hole for the birds. It's about the size of a medium saucepan I guess. I didn't put it there, but I do fill it most mornings.

Grabbing my camera while basking in the sun, I took a few photos hoping to always remember the joy and pleasure these birds were getting from their baths - or at least it looked like joy through my human eyes!

There was some sort of pecking order, and system, and maybe even a time limit for different birds. There was a bird who seemed to be doing a lot of dictating - head down screaming and screeching at the others and herding them away.

There also seems to be a security system. Some birds inhabit the trees around the water, shouting down if people, dogs or birds come past, where everyone jumps out of the water and flies to the trees.

Birds seemed to take turns in the water, splashing and preening, before sitting on the side fluffing their feathers while friends bathed.

It looked like a lot of fun and I was a bit sorry that only my toes would fit into this bath!

Do you watch birds bathing?

Friday, August 3, 2018

Phallic Friday

I've been remiss in not having a Phallic Friday post for a long time. I've had my non-sexy hat on while I try to get a "clean" book finished for the other me!

And while I've been battling with that book, I've gone onto a binge on non-fiction. I've read about 6 writing craft books, and I'm trying to develop stronger stories with more conflict. I'm even thinking I might plot, or at least have some sort of an outline on paper.

I have a Glebe Gannets story in my head though, to follow on from Team Player. Actually, two stories. I had one started, but the second one is calling more loudly to me. It's Ashton, and a polyamory story. Ash is the least likely person to break rules and do something that 'society' frowns upon. So I'm going to try putting him in a relationship that's going to confront him and make him question everything. He's already abrupt and questioning, so heaven knows how this will go! But that's my plan for when my "clean" book's done.

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to getting my smutty mind back out and letting it loose :)

Until then... I'll try to pop some random posts up so I keep myself entertained!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wildlife Wednesday - the Moon

Moonrise, during sunset - 26th July 2018
I know the Moon isn't wildlife, but I've no place else to categorise it, so we're calling it wildlife for today!

If you follow astrology, it's the eclipse season, where lunar and planetary energies are causing havoc among many people with eclipses and retrogrades during the recent few weeks and a few weeks to come.

I've been following a few posts about this, which is maybe why my interest in the moon has moved into my photography - or maybe it's just the upgraded little point-and-click camera that has some nifty things that's making me try moon shots.

Now, the camera isn't so good as to get great, clear, up close moon photos...but it's better than the shiny blur I used to get, hence my excitement!

So here are some recent moody moon photos from my place :)
Start of the eclipse at 4.30 am - Mars in upper left

As the moon went red at 5.30 am

Moonrise at sunset over the ocean on the 28th July 2018

Moonrise with Mars above, 7.30 pm 29th July 2018