Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Story

Well, it's almost Christmas and I'm going to have a little blogging break...but I'll be back in 2015!!!

Thanks for visiting with me this past year. I've enjoyed your company :)

I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas, and I hope 2015 is filled with wonderful things.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Phallic Friday - the next housewife is out!

The next Housewife is out and she's Sienna.

I haven't read Sienna, so I'm looking forward to it.

Here's the blurb:

Sienna knows that she’s got a good thing going with her boyfriend, Charlie. He’s attentive, loyal, and seriously hot. When he sets Sienna up with a very unusual gift, she’s both shocked and intrigued. But she’s worried as well – accepting Charlie and his gift will test all of their limits and the strength of their relationship

Don't forget to try the quiz and find out which sexy housewife you are:

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday - Swamphen

Swamphens are waterbirds. They're rather distinctive with their purpley-black coloured feathers and their bright red beak.

They live in and around freshwater swamps, streams and marshes. This one was at the Dubbo Zoo.

You can find out more here at Birds in Backyards.

But their breeding I'll paste here, taken from the Birds in Backyards website, because it's interesting:

Purple Swamphens are generally found in small groups and studies have shown that these consist of more males than females.

More than one male will mate with a single female.

All family members, and occasionally the young from a previous brood, share in incubation and care of the young.

The nest consists of a platform of trampled reeds with the surrounding vegetation sometimes being used to form a shelter. Often two broods will be raised in a year.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Story - alcohol & sex

NB This is not about books set in the wine industry, like Lily Malone's great stories.

I've been on a reading binge again - different romance genres, some a few years old, some recent - and I read four books in a row which at different stages made me go, "What? As if?" The first time I thought I was being odd, the second time I thought I was getting weirder, the third time I had to consult with Mr E, the fourth time I sat down to write this post!

One book had the hero and heroine have a huge day. It made a point of saying how early she had got up and how busy her day was, and how tired she was. Then she meets up with the hero. He needs a waitress, so she works the night with him until the bar closes. Okay, so I'm thinking it's after midnight, she's probably been up 18 or more hours, she's pretty stuffed. Then, they had a relax drink after work. And I'm fine with this, but they knocked back 2 bottles of wine and a bottle of vodka...then proceeded to have sex multiple times before dawn, got a few hours sleep, then he drove her home.


Well, I can knock back a bottle of wine and half a bottle of vodka, but I'd not be feeling well, especially when I was tired to start with. And then multiples times of sex? Hell, I'd be asleep before we got horizontal...and if we did it standing, it sure wouldn't be the best sex of my life, like this girl's. Wow!

And...thinking about drinking, I reckon I could consume that alcohol over a few hours while I'm chatting. Although they did do quick shots, but still, I'd be saying it's at least 3 am before they're screwing. Given recovery time and a few hours sleep, that's a lot of sex in the 3 hours before dawn, and since they'd managed a couple of hours sleep... that wouldn't be mind blowing sex for me. We're talking a couple of sex acts, in less than an hour!? I'd be liking my mind-blowing sex a little more drawn out, thanks. I know there's a time for fast and furious, but I call that fast and furious - not mind blowing.

And then we drive...after that much alcohol and that little sleep. Not a great message.

Another book had the heroine knock back a bottle of wine most nights, sometimes two, while she was alone. Am I the only one who thinks, 'on the way to being an alcoholic'?

So why does this annoy me? Because I think it's sending out the wrong message to readers.

Drunk sex in my experience has never been mind-blowing, it's drunk sex - sloppy, messy and forgettable usually. It can be mind-blowing if you're drunk and you finally get the guy of your dreams...but it's the getting not the sex that's blown my mind then.

Drinking is so very easy to write, so easy to do in real life, and yet so much trouble can happen from excess drinking. Should we be encouraging excessive drinking by not thinking as we write?

Am I being a total prude about this? Am I over-thinking what I read? Do you think this is an excessive amount of drinking?

Friday, December 12, 2014

Phallic Friday - the humbler

Cathleen Ross in her story, Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives Nella, introduces the humbler. Nella is a Domme to Michael's sub - and this play allows Michael, a gazillionaire and property developer, to relax after a busy week at work, giving his complete trust to his wife.

In this story, the humbler is used as a tool largely for humiliation. It can also be used as a restraint and/or a tool for extra arousal. Really... the possibilities are endless :)

So...what is a humbler? There are some websites with some incredible pictures but they are very graphic so don't go looking at work or with kids. This website, Femdom Resources, has a great collection of images.

It's basically a contraption (metal usually) that is locked around the base of the balls (like if your fingers encircled the flesh close to the body, above the testes). There are 'wings' coming from there that fit around the back of the thighs, under the buttocks. So, you place it at the back of a man's thighs, then lock it tight above his balls. The balls hang down, exposed.

This keep a man on all fours, as he can't extend his back or legs without pulling on his scrotum with the metal pressing down on his balls. It also has the man's butt exposed, and if you're into anal play, your man is trapped and exposed for you. It's also perfect for slapping or whipping butt cheeks as well.

The humbler... makes your man humble...and Nella uses that to her complete advantage, spending up on her husband's corporate credit card! The secret life of the very rich :)

If you need an image, let me know and I can burn your eyes with one :) I just didn't want you to have balls in your face on a Friday!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday - Risso's dolphin

Photo by Fish_Thinkers
A while back on our local news, they mentioned some Uni post-grad students who had a social media presence of Fish Thinkers, and I started following them on Instagram (fish_thinkers). They have a blog and Twitter (@fish_thinkers) too.

They're fascinating because they have underwater cameras recording sharks and fish behaviour, so I've been quite excited to see some of their footage. They also post about fish and fishing and have mentioned Lord Howe Island and Balls Pyramid (both in Deep Diving) and some of the fish species I've had on Wildlife Wednesday (like Luderick).

Last week, they featured a Risso's dolphin that had been found stranded on a beach north of Wollongong (south of Sydney).

I hadn't heard of a Risso's dolphin nor seen one. So I had to do a bit of digging. I asked them about the scarring on this dolphin but apparently these dolphins often have scarring - although this animal had more than most.

So here's some information about Risso's dolphin, from the Australian Government environment website:

Risso's Dolphins are robust, blunt-headed animals lacking a distinct beak. A distinctive deep crease runs up the forehead. The flippers are recurved, long and pointed. The dorsal fin is tall and falcate (sickle-shaped). The mouthline slopes upward and there are typically no more than seven pairs of peg-like mandibular teeth that are often badly worn in older individuals. No maxillary teeth are present. The colouration and markings of adults are conspicuous, the body being very light grey to white with a narrow cape sometimes being visible. Extensive scarring appears to be primarily from aggressive encounters with conspecifics. There is a large anchor-shaped light grey patch on a dark ventrum. Newborns are also light grey in colour.

Risso's Dolphin occur mainly on steep sections of the upper continental slope (Baumgartner 1997), usually in waters deeper than 1000 m (Ross 1984), in tropical and warm temperate latitudes.

Risso's Dolphins show a marked preference not only for water greater than 1000m deep, but also for warm temperate to tropical conditions, although they do sometimes extend their range into cooler latitudes in summer (Leatherwood & Reeves 1983). They are therefore generally found in waters with temperatures ranging between 15–30 °C. Although they are primarily found in pelagic oceanic waters, Risso's Dolphin frequently move over the continental slope. 

They're found throughout Australian oceans, but haven't been sighted around Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

Thanks to fish_thinkers for interesting posts!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Story - This Is Your Afterlife

This Is Your AfterlifeI've read a few YA and NA novels lately and I read a fabulous one by an Aussie author, This is Your Afterlife by Vanessa Barneveld.

It reminded me of The Lovely Bones, although it's a completely different premise, but it had that beautiful tone to it.

The characters are at school. The heroine, Keira, has recently lost her grandmother who was a psychic and Keira has some ability (mainly tarot readings). When the most popular boy at school goes missing, everyone is worried for him, but Keira is talking to him - well, his ghost!

It's a bit mystery, a lot romance, a lot young adult, and a lot of good reading. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Phallic Friday - sexting

Are you into sexting? Maybe I need to explain what sexting is - it's sending someone explicit photos or messages via mobile phone. So, what are your thoughts?

I have to admit that mobile phones aren't really my best friend. I pretty much loath them! Why? I think it's the 'on call' thing. I don;t want to be contacted at every moment of the day and night. I like to have my own space. I like to miss calls if I'm busy or don't feel like talking. Is that an awful thing to say?

I own a mobile phone...but it's on silent almost always, and it may not be charged. And it's somewhere in my lounge room, I think, unless I left it some place else! I'm not good, I told you.

If I grew up with mobiles, I would be a sexter. Years ago, I had a friend and we'd send each other Polaroid photos by mail (as in, in a letter by post). We didn't live near each other, so we didn't see each other a lot, but email was our friend (and phone and mail). If we had mobiles'd hate to think!

The Polaroids we'd send each other were never blatant (but they would be if I sexted!). They were suggestive more than explicit - a lacy edge of a bra over a mound of breast, the upraised sheet over an erect cock, a side on shot of an open mouth, a shot along a stomach.

Did I think about him using them for nefarious purposes? No. I trusted him. I never thought of after, or if we broke up nastily, or anything like that.

Would I worry if it had been more explicit? Probably not when I was young. Now, I might think twice.

But I'm pretty trusting of relationships...which is probably silly because most relationships end, but now images, words, thoughts, ramblings, they're all on file, caught on the world wide web, and there forever!

I'm glad I didn't grown up with a mobile in one hand and my life on the net...although, it would have made for some hot sexting!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sydney Housewives - Nella

Lana's best friend, Nella, is out today!!

Nella is a Domme...and I am so keen to read her secret life. I want to watch her whip her husband into submission...or maybe not whip, maybe she ties him...or humiliates him...or...

And I heard whispers of a humbler...

Oh! I can't wait!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday - bearded dragon

It's summer in Australia and it's the time of lizards :)

I'm a big fan of lizards and we have some cool ones in my garden that I've talked about before - Blue tongues (and again) and Eastern Water Skinks - and some down the beach - baby water dragons and adults and another lizard - and some from out west like the bogeye. WOW... I didn't realise I had so many!

Well, to add to my collection, here's another from out West - the Bearded Dragon. This one was at Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo, in September. It was just warming up and he was on the road sunning himself and prime position to be run over. He's not an exhibit, he's native wildlife just living at the zoo.

So, Mr E stopped so I could do some shepherding and move the lizard off the road...I just had to get a photo while doing so!

This guy was not happy about my interference. He was quite indignant that I tried to pick him up, so much so that he reared up and took off like lightning...and then propped, right on the other side of the road. So, I had to shoo him off further, by now with an audience of other cars waiting to get through.

Do you move animals off roadways?

PS If you want some info on the Bearded Dragon, ask fellow Ninja Sarah Belle who owns one, or you can check out the Fact Sheet on the Reptile Park's website here. You might have a chuckle at the male's 'frantic head bobs and arm waving' to attract the female's attention.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Mia Hoddell's 12 Days Of Christmas

I'm honoured to be a part of Mia Hoddell's 12 Days of Christmas. You can find the other guests here.

This invitation came by sheer fluke. I thanked a reviewer for her review of Deep Diving. She's a friend of Mia's and through this chance I was invited as a guest. Mia Hoddell writes YA (young adult) and NA (new adult) stories. I was a bit concerned I didn't fit, but I'm still there.

And then the blurb for her celebration came, and it says, "I have a fantastic line up of NYT Best-sellers, USA Today Best-sellers, Amazon Bests-sellers, and amazing indies who will be posting from Dec 1st to Dec 12th."

NYT Best seller - nope, not me.
USA Today best seller - nope, not me either.
Amazon best seller - ah, nope, not that either.
Amazing Indie - that's not me either.

See, I still don't fit, yet I'm on the list. And I'm going to wear it with pride :)

Cate's childhood Christmas
Mia is in the UK, so to get some promotion in a different country is good. Well, I hope it's good! I hope it will mean some new readers.

For me, it means 30 new authors to go and check out!

So for the next 12 days I'll be plugging this event. My post is up on the 6th December, so there will be extra plugging day.

And hopefully my Christmas post doesn't show how much I really don't fit. Does my Christmas photo look too 80s?? I'm worried it was before all these authors were born!! ;)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Story - #putoutyourbats

I played cricket at school and we're a cricket mad family, so it was quite shocking to see a young man killed playing such a fabulous game this week.

A freak accident.

The tributes have been incredible. Such an outpouring of emotion from so many people. It's incredible to see. And a tribute such as the #putoutyourbats, allows everyone to mark the passing of a batsman - even if you have never met him. It gives you the chance to make a statement, to grieve, even when you have no place to do so.

The Australian Cricket Captain, Michael Clarke, has shown such amazing leadership, such honesty and raw emotion. I've always admired him but this week he's gone so high in my esteem. A true hero, who doesn't hide his tears, his grief, and his loss.

The other heartening thing I've noticed is the outpouring of support and care for the poor fellow who bowled the ball. I hope this continues.

It hasn't been a good year in the sports I follow. Earlier this year a young man was left a quadriplegic after a rugby league tackle. You play sport never expecting such injuries or death. We should never take life for granted.

RIP Phillip Hughes

Friday, November 28, 2014

Phallic Friday - Tentacle Porn

I belong to the Naught Ninjas, you can see our group website here, and this week we had a FB Christmas Party full of wrongness. One thing that has caught the Ninjas imagination is squid/octopus. Apparently there's a lot of sea-animal porn online and it's captured Ninja attention, along with Sharknado.

So, in the wee hours after teh party, when I had too much wrongness in my head, I wrote this Tentacle Porn for the Ninjas. It's less than 1000 words, so I guess it's flash fiction.

Feel free to skip's all sorts of wrongness!

Tentacle Porn especially for the Naughty Ninjas.

The globular head slithered between her thighs as the octopus was hurled into the boat by her fisherman husband. Bloody useless man! A whole boat and he lands the freaking thing in my lap.

Before she could jump, the damn animal nestled against her, tentacles clutching her thighs through her jeans. 

In seconds, the beaky-mouth closed over her crotch and intense suction rendered her speechless, incapable of moving.

Her fishing rod loosened in her grasp, and a tug on the line saw it fly over the side of the boat. Not good. But she couldn’t care, not with the octopus causing havoc with her cunt.

Stretching in the chair, she arched to give the creature room to move, and it did. Taking far more notice of her needs than her husband ever did, the octopus set a frantic pace on her, closing it’s mouth right over her clit and attaching as if permanently. The suction and heat were extraordinary.

Then the tentacles moved with little tugs against her body. Two slid upwards before finding their way beneath her shirt. Tiny pulls of the suckers on her stomach were excruciating and exciting. They went higher. To the undersides of her breasts and then over them, into her bra and, fuck, the suckers caught her nipples. Tight. Fucking hell. It was like the best lips in the world, squeezing on her tits.

The beak probed her crotch through her jeans before two more tentacles slithered beneath her shirt. These ones didn’t move upwards, they ducked into her jeans and slithered downwards. She groaned, loudly. She couldn’t help it. Her husband may hear but she didn’t care. He’d thrown the damn thing at her so it was his fault…and her pleasure. But over the rhythmic rock of waves on the hull, he never heard her, or maybe he had an ignored her moaning, that was more likely.

The tentacles slithered slowly, suctioning against her belly as they angled down. Then more tentacles moved, beneath her this time. She felt the little kisses as the suckers moved across her lower back. They moved higher, right along her spine, giving her long sucking kisses at the edge of each vertebrae. She hissed her pleasure. Wrapped by octopus was not something she’d ever thought of as sexy, well, actually she’d never thought of it at all, but dear God, this was the sexiest sex she’d ever had.

The tentacles going south at the front, slipped either side of her slit and kissed their way down her labia. She was soaked, from tentacle goodness and octopus-suction slobber. Her jeans were wet down her thighs, rubbing on her clit as the mouth-like beak sucked and pulsed. Then two tentacles slid into the back of her jeans.

Holy mother fucking squid-topus.

She was hardly sitting now. She was more sprawled across the chair with the backs of her thighs and the tops of her shoulders anchoring her. Her feet dug into the side of the boat. Tentacles slithered, kissed, sucked and pulsated against her. Nipples were caught up in suction pads that caught, held, squeezed and released. It was like sucking lips and pinching fingers all at once. Her labia were experiencing similar exquisite kisses, but the extra slickness meant these were sloppy, slippery and sliding along her lips. Sometimes they dipped into her slit and she almost died of pleasure. The tentacles on her back held her, like an embrace, but one that teased her skin with hickeys, as if a hundred pairs of lips suckled her flesh. And the rear. God. The tentacles at the rear were touching up her arse. Slipping against the tight hole, while at the same time suction squeezed around it. Was it trying to force her open, or just easing the opening? She didn’t know and it was so hot, she didn’t care.

She couldn’t focus on any point of contact. The tentacles and the octopus mouth were working furiously together keeping her riding the edge of an orgasm that was going to kill her. And if it didn’t, her husband would do that for losing the rod, or fucking a fish, or more precisely being mounted by a mollusc.

Mother fucking octopussssssss.

Tentacles all clasped at once. Squeezing her as they found her holes. A tentacle slid inside her arse as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Muscles stretched but not uncomfortably as it wriggled inside her. Another pulsed into her vagina not exactly filling it until, holy fuck, she was filled by it. Stuffed tight by suctioning tentacle that seemed to twist itself in knots as it filled her. She writhed as her body sang. Suction everywhere had her arching, writhing, squeezing, pulsing.

Tentacles pumped into and out of her. Faster and faster. Then the one in her cunt eased, before it got thicker. Fuck. So thick. How? Moving to send her insane. Two tentacles maybe? They pumped her. Cunt in, arse out. Arse in, cunt out. The suction on her clit matched with the anal probe. She couldn’t last any longer. Stars buzzed behind her eyes. Colours whirled.

Then the beak sucked her clit tight, sucking harder and harder, no rest, no break.

All the tentacles thrust into her together. And the ones on her back and breasts seemed to suck tighter, like they were trying to peel off her skin.

Every muscle in her body went rigid. A scream echoed in her brain, round and round and round, and finally her mouth opened and the scream was released into the air.

The tentacles were unrelenting. Thrusting continuously, never to be spent. Never to be flaccid. Never to shrink and flop from her.

She rode that orgasm as if her life depended on it. She rode it high into the clouds and beyond. The octopus was taking her beyond anything she’d felt before. And she was never going to stop. She rode that orgasm into the outer realms of space.

Her husband was jailed for murder. The jury were horrified at the number of puncture wounds he’d inflicted on his wife’s body. They weren’t fishermen, he claimed, and didn’t understand that an octopus could attack a human. They didn’t know that he’d stabbed his wife inadvertently when she screamed. All he was trying to do was to kill the octopus that was attacking his wife. It had already eaten her fishing rod, so he knew it was going to consume her. He was only protecting her.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday - small clawed otter

Here's another photo from Western Plains Zoo, of the small clawed otter who was looking right at me.

My sister has always been a huge fan of otters, so I always think of her when I see them. And I think of my Dad, because when I was in high school, I did an assignment for science on otters. We had to give a speech too and I was so nervous about that. So I decided I'd tape some background sounds to go with my talking, for a classy presentation!

So, I laid in the bathtub with the tape recorder going (this is in the olden days!) and I splashed and sloshed around in the bath. Then my Dad came in and made this "Aaarghkk, aarghkk, aarghkk" noise and left.

OMG I was wet. I couldn't stop the recording. I couldn't scream at him or the last ten minutes of sloshing was wasted. So I sucked it up and finished my otter sounds. When I asked him what on earth he was doing, he was a seal, getting ready to eat the otter. How we laughed. It was just too funny not to leave it in there. And so I went to school with a tape of water sloshing and a dad being a seal. I got a great mark for my ingenuity!!

So, on that note, I'll let you look up any sensible facts about otters if you'd like. The Taronga Zoo site has some here.

It is interesting that otters live in large family groups and that family is important to them :)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Story - anthologies

How do you feel about anthologies?

I love them. I like reading people who I haven't read before. It's a great way to find new-to-me authors.

I enjoy having a story included in an anthology because I hope someone might read it, enjoy it, and look me up, like I've done as a reader.

There seems to be a bit of a glut of anthologies/boxed sets at the moment and I've read a few that are disappointing to say the least. Although, maybe I'm just too damn fussy!

I've been on a bit of a kick to 'find out' what makes some of the 'big name' authors so popular. Anthologies are good for this because the stories are usually short and you can analyse them easier. But...I'm wondering if 'big name' authors take these things seriously. I've read a couple of anthologies now where I have skipped most of the stories from 'big names' because they've been shit. Really poor character development, dialogue that is so unrealistic I can't read it, sometimes the story sounds like a first draft. The authors in these box sets who I've enjoyed are often not the biggest name in the box.

So... does my taste in stories suck? Or have you found 'big names' aren't always good?

If I'm being totally honest, I don't often get hooked on 'big names'. I can never understand why their stories are so popular when I think there are much better writers around. So maybe it's me. Maybe my taste sucks and I'm just not in the 'in' crowd! LOL That makes sense - I'm never in the 'in' crowd!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Phallic Friday - sexual fantasies

I found this report online recently about sexual fantasies. It's a study trying to determine what's 'normal' and what is 'abnormal'. Why we need to categorise this stuff is another argument, so I'll just not touch that today!

Here are some of the interesting bits in the article -

It seems few fantasies are, by statistical definition, rare, unusual — or even typical.

Men fantasise more often than women. But not dramatically so.

The big disconnect between the sexes, however, is what comes after the fantasy.

Men mostly would like their daydreams to become reality.

Women, however, have a much clearer delineation between fantasy and desire. They tended to report little interest in trying the real thing.

The most common fantasies for women were: submission, sex with strangers, and using specific exotic locations.

The most common fantasies for men were: a threesome, cheating on their partner with someone they know.

The most common dreams were: sex in a romantic location, oral sex, and group sex.

There was some disconnect between the fantasies men enjoy, and those women enjoy.

I'm surprised that these results contain no mention of any fetishes. To me, these seem rather tame, and often fantasies people would be comfortable discussing with much laughter, over a beer. I was looking for a bit more depth to people's fantasies. Maybe I'm just abnormal :)

Are you surprised by these results?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Welcome to the world - LANA

LANA is out today!!

She's episode 2 of the Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives series.

I had a lot of fun (but much stress) creating Lana. I'm not sure how the world will receive her, but I hope they'll be invested in her fantasy world, and enjoy her.

If you'd like any more housewives information, join us in The Housewives Lounge on Facebook

You can meet all 11 authors and their characters. I hope you'll love them all!

Here are some Lana teasers :)

And if you'd like to buy Lana, you can buy it here:

Amazon US:
Amazon AU
Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble
or you can visit Escape Publishing for more information.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday - yellow-tailed black cockatoo

These guys are around at the moment and boy, do they have a screech. They sound like a kid being killed! It's the most awful sound, high pitched and like it's being a strangled. They feed in a neighbour's tree and so a flock will come across, screeching, and then they all land to feed. That screeching has had me up a few times to see what's wrong. It's spine-chilling!

I don't know much about these guys but the Australian Museum site says they're in decline because of habitat loss, causing decrease in food supply and loss of breeding nest sites.

From the Birds in Backyards website, it says, "Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoos have a long breeding season, which varies throughout their range. Both sexes construct the nest, which is a large tree hollow, lined with wood chips. The female alone incubates the eggs, while the male supplies her with food. Usually only one chick survives, and this will stay in the care of its parents for about six months."

Okay, so none of the sites say anything about their call being how I described it. Maybe it's my over-active imagination :)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Story - multiple partners

Don't forget to pre-order Lana! She's out on Thursday!
How do you feel about multiple partners? Not in real life, but in your fiction? I find them really really hot. I had a binge on Kaliana Cole when I first ran across her stories - she has a town, Liberty Springs, where multiple partners is the 'norm' and a woman can live with a bunch of brothers or a couple of friends. Sometimes they marry one, but all live harmoniously together.

Most multiple partner stories don't have all the partners participating with each other, but those that do really heat my blood. Rhiannon Ayers has one story, Demons Within, that I read recently and the two men interacted with each other as well as the woman they both loved.

I think multiple partners is such a hot topic for me because it's in the realms o
f fantasy. I'm not really sure that I could physically handle too much attention! But thinking about it, writing about it, is really fun. I like that there's multiple dynamics, many things happening at once, and lots of people to consider.

I'm thinking of going down the M/M/F line for the next book I start. I'm hoping I can pull off some hot male-male sex with a delicious heroine involved.

I'm a little scared about juggling three people - not just the sex, but the emotional content too. I'm not really sure that I believe people could juggle the jealousy aspect in reality...but in fiction, I hope I can work through that somehow.

Anyway, on to multiple partners...just as soon as Tam and Jared get their act together and she learns to give great head!

God, I love this job!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Phallic Friday - a little rant

I need to vent a little today. It's a 'debate' that's been going on for a while but recently ignited by Bianca Dye and Ricki-Lee Coulter. This is what I read - you can click here - an article where Bianca Dye was asking Ricki-Lee to reconsider her comments about not wanting children and asking her to freeze her eggs.

What bugs me the most about this 'debate' is the fact that people seem to think the children-choice is a debate. It's a personal choice. That means, it's up to the individual to make a decision - their decision.

It's mostly among women too, which bugs me even more. Men are rarely asked when they're having kids, or if they want kids. Why this discrepancy? Are women only here to provide children? Don't women have another role to play in the world?

I love kids. I think they're the best fun out. I spent years working with kids in my spare time, and enjoyed every minute of it. But it also made me realise kids weren't on my agenda. I love them, but I have never wanted the responsibility of having my own. At eighteen I was quite vocal about this. I have never changed my opinion but I'm no longer vocal! I've had lots of people around me have kids, and I've never got that clucky gene.

I've spent years with people quizzing me about my decision, arguing with me against my decision, and trying to persuade me to change my mind.

I was lucky, when I was growing up I had great aunts who didn't have children. I never saw them as 'lesser' people for that choice/issue. They had amazing lives as their own person and I always valued that. When I was in my 20s, a cousin said that she felt less valued than her siblings because of her child-free state. I'd never felt that in my immediate family and I still don't. But I must have grown up with different people to the norm because even some of my school friends don't have children now.

I'm closer to 50 than 40, and my decision has never bothered me. I don't regret not having kids, in fact, I'm very glad I've been able to do the things I've done and live the life I have.

I don't have a problem with people who do have children. In fact, I like to borrow their kids occasionally for silly movies, fun shows, carnival rides, you know, stuff you really need to do with a kid so people don't look at you strangely!!

I think it's time women stopped discussing other women's choices and let people live their own life!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Meet My Characters - blog hop

IMG_0202I was invited by Lisa Ireland to join a Blog Hop, introducing people to the characters in our books. You can read about Lisa's new story here - it's not out yet but let me tell you, it's a great rural story (I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek!)

Here's the draft blurb for Lisa's new story:
With rumours about her personal life splashed all over the Internet, writer and celebrity, Johanna Morgan, uses her best friend’s wedding as an excuse to escape New York and head home to Australia. All Jo wants is some peace and quiet, but with her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Galloway, unexpectedly back in town, suddenly Linden Gully seems anything but sleepy.
Ryan has thought about Jo every day for the past seven years, but it’s not just his heart at stake anymore. He has his six-year-old daughter to think about. He can’t risk Ella’s happiness, even if that means sacrificing the love of his life.

Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives Lana
Next week (20th) is the big release day for my part of the Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives project. My heroine is Lana, and here's a little about her.

1. What is the name of your character?
Lana Driscoll, although she used another name in the past.

2. Is she fictional or an historic person?
She's definitely fictional!

3.When and where is the story set?
The story is set in Sydney, in the present day. Lana is a member of the upper class, social set in Sydney, Australia. The story makes use of the beautiful Sydney Harbour.

4. What should we know about her?
Lana is like no one I've ever known, which is why she was such fun to create. She's confident and independent. She's forged a career by hard work and dedication, and established herself in the high society of Sydney. She's loyal, but uncompromising. She lives life her way, and doesn't care what others think or say. She's not young, but she likes young men.

5. What is the main conflict? What messes up her life?
Lana doesn't have a messy life, she just has a secret life. This story allows us a glimpse into her secrets.

6. What is the personal goal of the character?
Lana wants pleasure. She has a fantasy that she hopes may come true, but she doesn't really expect it to happen. She's content with pleasuring young men.

7. Can we read more about it?
You have a week to wait before you can read it. It's available for pre-order at all ebook stores. You can follow the hashtag #Sydneywives, or join us on Facebook at the Housewives Lounge if you're keen on more.

8. When is it published?
Out next week!!

To pre-order, or buy after the 20th, please click on the relevant site:

Amazon US:
Amazon AU
Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble

or you can visit Escape Publishing for more information.

I hope you enjoy Lana and the other 10 Sydney Housewives!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday - footy kangaroos

Just a little diversion from the usual wildlife. I took a bazillion photos at the footy and thought I'd share some.

And please note: they aren't all Cooper Cronk (just mostly!), one of men who inspired my story Deep Diving!!

The first game was a test match between the Australian Jillaroos and the New Zealand Silver Ferns - women's rugby league. How I wished I was twenty years younger! I always wanted to play rugby league but had to settle for mixed touch footy.

The Jillaroos
The roos pre-game, watching the Jillaroos

Warm ups

Post try celebrations

OMG....imagine mango on there!
Directing play

How could you resist wolf-whistling that!?
Warm up thoughts

We had these amazing seats, right next to the place where the Aussies ran out onto the ground.

Second half of the girls game, the boys came out to watch. I had to re-evaluate my views on some players. I am not a fan of some of them, and of course, they were the guys who spent ages signing autographs and being photographed with kids.

Then the boys came out to warm up pre-game. Wow, right in front of us. Mr E was groaning, but my camera was clicking almost as wildly as my heart was pounding! :)

The game was incredible. Australia clicked as a team. Lots more celebration and back slapping and high fives than the last few weeks. It was awesome to see. Cooper scored two tries, not right in front of me...but he scored two, so I couldn't complain!

And he stood in front of me enough times so I have a bazillion photos of his behind! (Not sure Mr E has read the scene with the muscle-dance self pleasuring but it crossed my mind more than once!).

Then just to make my day the most super fantastic it could possibly be... Coops swapped shirts...holy hell...his chest...not just his legs...I was in heaven! LOL. Mr E just groaned aloud.
David Klemmer's debut try

The Kangaroos

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Story - waiting, waiting, waiting

I'm a naturally impatient person. I like to get in, get something done, do something else. This is a crazy industry to get into with that attitude!! Although, science wasn't a lot better. You're always waiting around for results, or you get results and have to do more because it's brought up more questions than answers.

Anyway...I'm waiting at the moment. I'm also writing in a different genre to this one, and I have a book I've been working on for 5 years. So you can imagine I'm kind of over that book by now, with my impatient attitude, can't you? But it's loved by my mates who've read it and they've kept me at it for those 5 years. Without them it would have been boxed up about 4 years ago!

This book is the book I wrote when we first moved to the coast. It's got a lot of my lost, loneliness in it. It's got the things I missed. It's my tribute to where we used to be. My love for that place and those people. It's also got some of my work in it - work that I feel I was torn away from, work that I feel has never had the credit it deserves, work that so many people contributed to, that was so important (in my opinion anyway) but was hidden in animosity because it didn't give the results it was 'meant' to. It's got themes I feel very strongly about - like loss, grief, individualism, city vs country, ground truthing 'facts' and theories, family. I guess it's the book of my heart.

Because I feel so strongly about it, I long ago gave up believing in it - because I'm biased, so incredibly biased. Which is why it would be in a box if it was up to me. But now I've gone beyond that...and I'm at a stage where this book could go places...and OMG I want that so badly. I want it more than I can explain. I want it so my heart burns...but I have no control now. It's in the lap of the gods...or the editors. And that's hard to let go.

So I'm faffing around when I know I need to be busy. I'm doing all manner of things, instead of keeping on writing. I'm letting my desires get in the way of business. I'm letting my burning hope stop me going forwards. Cate Ellink is suffering because of my craziness. And I can't let that happen. I love Cate Ellink and her stories too.

So... I need a reboot.

ANZAC test
Today I'm off to watch some Australian Rugby League...and you know what that means (or rather who that means!). I'm off to drool, salivate, lust. I've a new story formulating in my mind and I'm going to watch footy and let Cate Ellink take over...with a lot of help from my #7 inspiration.

I can't wait!!!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Phallic Friday - Virginia

Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives - Virginia

Virginia, the first of the Sydney Housewives stories, came out yesterday. Did you get your copy?

If not, you can find where to buy it here.

Rhian Cahill is the author of the first episode of the Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives series.

She was one of the organisers of the first conference I attended in RWA - the Claytons conference in 2008. She hadn't yet been published but she was close. I've thoroughly enjoyed watching her career take off. She's exceedingly generous and I've learned a lot from her.

Rhian mostly writes gritty, contemporary erotic romances. I think Virginia is a great start to this series.

Have you read Virginia? What did you think?

You can also join in the Housewives Lounge on FaceBook -
And don't forget to take the Housewives Quiz to see which housewife you are -

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday - a new horse

Yesterday was Melbourne Cup day (hope you backed a winner!), so in keeping with the horse racing theme, let me introduce the newest addition to the family.

Dad and I lease half the tail of this country racehorse. So far she hasn't done too much, and had no huge runs. She's young and learning.

The last half a tail, was retired to the paddock as a cranky horse that couldn't learn. She was sent from friends to the trainer because they hoped he'd have better luck with her. He did - only one person came off her and they weren't injured! Not a great thing. The trainer called her 'that black mare.' Since she wasn't winning, even with the attitude, she wasn't worth keeping in work. My friend has huge paddocks full of failed race horses, so she went out there to graze her days away, in a herd of horses. Not a bad life. I bet she ends up the boss!

So, enter the new trial horse. I'll let you know if she does great things!

We saw her run in a trial at Parkes. She did okay. Then she had a run in Wellington and did okay. A run at Narromine had her jostled in a pack, so she stopped and backed right out of the race. It was the first time she'd been caught in a pack, and had a different jockey aboard, so hopefully she'll learn from that. A run in Dubbo had hopes but was a bit longer and she didn't make the distance. I think she'll probably go for a holiday and come back better. Fingers crossed!

Dad was with me at Parkes and he got to meet my friend who owns the horse, and the trainer, and jockey. I think he was really chuffed. It's such fun to do something crazy like this with Dad. He's always dreamed of owning a racehorse and passed that dream on to me. So we're ticking off a dream, together, and it's a lot of fun!

NOTE: Two horses had horrible ends to their big race yesterday - Admire Rakti collapsed after the race and died, while Araldo was spooked, jumped a fence and broke a leg and when I'm writing this, is in surgery.

I hate that this happens. I hate horses dying. But having lost a pleasure horse in a freak accident, I know that accidents happen and sometimes they kill horses. Sometimes horses die for no reason too. Horses, especially thoroughbreds, are flighty animals who run to get away from things that scare them - it's how they're bred. I've watched cattle walk through fences and come out unscathed, while a horse will do the same and end up a mess.

I'm always torn with racing. I love the excitement but I loathe the injuries and death.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Story - first vs third person

A weird thing happened that I must document. I've been writing a story for my 7 year old nephew - it's not erotic ;) It has dragons and dinosaurs and sword fights and a talking dog or two!

When I started this story, I began writing it in third person past tense. This isn't how I normally write but off i went, quite happily in this manner. For the first 2 chapters, all went well. This is about 4K. The boy and his talking dog, talked, roamed the forest, were chased by a dinosaur, then had to fight the dinosaur to get away. All happy.

Then I started Chapter 3. I decided we should have a quest and rather than remove my nephew's beloved dog, I introduced another boy and his dog. I thought a dragon could sweep down and catch the other boy's dog in its claws and then the two boys and one dog would have to go to save the dog. All good...

Until the new boy and my nephew began to chat. Suddenly, I switched to first person, present tense!

OMG. Why?

What happened? I was writing away, in a notebook not on the computer, and I didn't have a break or anything. I was scribbling in a stream, when I suddenly realised I changed to "I". I began to identify with the initial boy (my nephew). I got into his head to keep the story in his POV. I had to see the world from his perspective and not the other kids, so I went into his head - totally!

And that makes sense. Before there was only one boy to see there are two, and I have to stick in one head.

When I first started this writing caper, I wrote in omniscient POV - the story teller, all seeing, all knowing. Which made sense because as a scientist, my reports and stuff were all written in this manner (add in jargon and carefully constructed sentences!). To write novels, especially in the romance genre, I had to step out of omniscient and move to deep POV...but not head hop.

This no head hopping was such a damn challenge. I did it constantly without even noticing. But when I wrote in first person, the world became alive and I could remain in one head.

And in this kid's story, when there was just one kid and a dog, I was never tempted to the dog's POV. But throw in another kid, and I'm head hopping. My sub-conscious knows this, so it takes me to first person. And my eyes are opened! I've worked something out that has alluded me for 8 years :)

My brain is a weird, weird thing.

Do you have any weird things like this happen when you're writing?