Friday, April 29, 2011


I have decided to try my luck at writing a whole novella instead of just short stories. So I'm doing a virginity story - because it's easy to get the emotion into it, well, that's the plan! LOL.

There's so many times we lose our virginity these days, not just with the traditional hymen breaking. So there's lots of emotion to draw upon there. And not all of it so long ago!

I remember the fear increasing in the days leading up to my first skydive. I knew it was Saturday and by Friday I was so churned up I couldn't eat. By Saturday I was almost catatonic. And then the elation of the skydive...I only need think back to remember that euphoria (or hear the song "Jump" which they used as the soundtrack on the video). Oh, makes my hands sweaty now!

What other 'firsts' have the same feelings?