Writing Help

The hugest source of my writing help has come from Romance Writers of Australia.

I joined RWA to enter one contest expecting nothing but some judging feedback. I have found – like-minded writers, plentiful support and assistance, creative critique partners, many wonderful contests with incredible feedback, a magazine full of tips and inspiration, and a whole new world of opportunities.

If you aren't a member and you need help with writing, join. Even if romance isn't so huge for you :)

RWA has a scheme called the Members' Assistance Fund (MAF). Here's a bit about it:

In 2010 Romance Writers of Australia established a fund to assist members who would otherwise be unable to attend RWA events. Current members only, published and unpublished, may apply for financial assistance to attend any event organised and run by RWA, including (but not restricted to):

  • Conference
  • 5DI Manuscript Development Workshop
  • Roadshow

Since I've got so much from RWA I thought I'd donate a percentage of my Cate Ellink book sales to MAF to help others - keep the cycle turning. So far that's not a lot of money but it is double figures, in dollars :)