Friday, March 8, 2013

Phallic Friday - Menages

Menage is the commonly used term in erotica to describe sex with multiple partners. Menage a tois was the original phrase which indicates three people in a sexual act. Menage by itself literally means a household; the people living under the same roof. But I'm using the term as the multiple partner thing.

I love reading menages that are done well. Kaliana Cole is one of my favourites. When I first read her writing, it blew my mind. It was so real, gritty and sensual. The first of hers I read was her Hot Down Under short story - Shelter From The Storm. I then hunted up her first book, Good Horses, Fast Cars and Real Men. Then I fell into Liberty Springs, her town where all forms of sexual relationships abound.

The first story has three brothers and Emma - No Bag Limit. Ty, the eldest is really enough of a hero to have a story of his own but he shares the story and the woman with his twin brothers, Zach and Colby. And Zach and Colby are gorgeous too. All three are delicious characters that blend together to be the perfect man. Alone just wouldn't be right. And Emma is woman enough to handle them all.

Hook, Line and Sinker had me caught completely in her stories. And this one flicked back to just a pairing. But wow, the world of Liberty Springs was where I want to be.

There are another 3 stories, all spectacular, and more info can be found at Kaliana Cole's website.

Another ripper menage is Kylie Scott's Flesh. At first you think Daniel's hot, then Finn comes along and it's difficult to decide. Then, what the hell, the end of the world is nigh, why decide!?!? And all is right in the world :)

I'm really sold on the multiple men stories (need any more recommendations?)... and I'm starting to see why men like the multiple women idea. But how feasible is it? Do women share well?

I've not had the real life menage experience, but in my former net-junkie life, I have. The multiple women, one man thing really didn't work for me and I struggle to write it. The cyber-guys involved did all the right things - one was actually a master at making sure everyone was involved. But the girls... well... maybe I 'intuit' too much... but that big old ugly green monster reared it's head far too many times for my liking. Sometimes I felt like backing away and saying, "Hey, he's yours. Stop feeling threatened." Other times I just got so uncomfortable I logged off. Girls have a nasty way of excluding you - I learned it in the playground when I started school. It's subtle, often unseen by others, but I know. They turn their back, lift an eyebrow and give a sharp pointed look, huff a sigh, roll their eyes. It's subtle but pointed. Even on the internet!

And when I go to write a menage with multiple women... I get those vibes again. The "I will not share my toy" vibe.

So for me, menages are all about men. Lots of them. And I'd like to go visit Liberty Springs. Hell no, I'd like to live there! And if I can't do that... then I'd like to be Kaliana Cole when I grow up :)

How do you feel about menages - in fact or fiction?

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