Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday

This fish is a Bream.

Another with a long waffly story :) But I associate this fish with my Dad and a sister.

My sister always said she hated to eat black fish. So my Nana always made her a special piece of fish that my Grandfather caught especially for her - bream. My sister ate it happily. It was some years before I asked how my grandfather caught bream when he never fished for them - but since I didn't ask it in front of my sister, all was well!

My Dad fishes for bream. He does this by having a special line just for bream. It's an old hand line (fishing line wrapped around a cork cylinder) and on the end there's a bream hook with a special cut of steak. The hook and a heap of line get cast out to drift in the sea. Then after some period of time, a great chunky sinker drops to the bottom. So there's a weight on the line but not right when the fish bites, because bream are timid biters, you see. So when the line runs, you know you have a fish on it. Bream fight when caught, darting and weaving, angling towards rocks and weed trying to snap your line. It's great fun watching Dad pull in a big bream.

But here, in the beautiful Jervis Bay, the fish are protected by the Marine Park. So there are lots of gorgeous bream that make my mouth water... but no fishing. I like having somewhere to snorkel where there's lots of fish. Makes for a fun afternoon!

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