Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bravely Hit Send

I bravely hit send late last night on another submission. I re-read and re-read until my eyes hurt. I edited and edited until my brain hurt. And then it just had to be done. I bundled up my submission and emailed it away.

Now the waiting begins...but since Christmas and New Year are coming up, hopefully I'll be busy and not too worried about the wait! *Dream on!*

So back to the new story now... The Awakening. Or should I go back to the one before? Decisions, decisions.

Best of luck, little submission!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

writing pyramid

I'm doing a course and I've learned there are 4 stages of the creative process, and each stage is a bigger process and takes more time.

Thinking & Dreaming is 1, and is quick (10% of the time).
Researching is stage 2 and it takes more time (about 20%).
Drafting (which is my planning) is 3 and it takes longer again (30%).
Editing is 4 and it takes 40% of the whole process.

It all makes sense now. It takes 90% of the time to go from my dream to something I can submit. No wonder it seems to take so long! Sometimes my dreaming takes weeks to nail down - that factors into a long process from dream to finished. So I'm not "doing this all wrong" :)