Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday

I found this guy on the flyscreen door. He's tiny and I've focussed on the flyscreen instead of on him, but hopefully you can see him okay and get the idea of him.

So what is he?

Let me make a confession. I studied Environmental Biology and I have books and books and books on ID of everything, and I thought I was pretty good at knowing 'what critter is that'. Since doing this blog - I realise I have no idea! I have invented names in my head for critters. I think they're right and then I go Google (to check for the blog) and I get some totally different animal.

So I'm pulling out my book, An Introduction to Australian Insects. I have a few of these critters to look for so I hope I stumble across them somewhere.

Okay, success #1. This little guy is a PLANTHOPPER. He feeds on Eucalypts but does not cause damage. His scientific name is Siphanta acuta and he's a member of the Hemiptera order and the Flatidae family, growing to 5 mm.

Okay, so I'm feeling more intelligent now. All I have to do is remember he's a Planthopper - and not keep calling him my invented name :)

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