Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stress-head City

I need to suck in a big deep breath. I've been stress-head city and impossible live with - even for me!!

Do you ever have times when everything you do HAS to be done NOW? And there's not enough hours in the day to get it done? Even giving up my precious sleep, there's still not enough hours.

That's me.

Impossible to be with.
Yet I'm stuck with me!!!!

So, how do you manage life so it gives you spoonfuls instead of throwing the whole damn bowl at you and expecting you to eat quickly?

I've never worked it out. Don't know that I'm ever going to.
But at least I'm venting... and that has to be good for me... doesn't it?
And I made it through - or else I wouldn't be capable of venting, I'd be barely able to breathe.

Thanks for listening. Ahhhhh....


  1. Hooly dooly...
    I just checked in Tuesday night, not expecting much you see... given I'd seen House review on Sunday and I wasn't expecting anything else till Wildlife Wednesday... but I thought there was just a possibility you'd throw in a curveball about oh... you know... "A Call Story" or a "Little Gem" or anything like that and BAM.
    There's this one, and three Wildlife Wednesdays... What happens next Wednesday when you can't find a little critter to photograph? You'll kick yourself for doing three this week. Hmm... could that be referred to as pacing??
    Anyways. I'm listening... you put up with my 'franger' rant and that gets you Brownie Points to burn.
    Deep breath Cate. You will get there.

  2. LOL! My blog's gone crazy!

    I don't know what happened... but all these wednesdays happened today when there should only be one! ARGH!

    Life...huge bowl...me eating... but so not quickly enough!