Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Story

While on 'holidays' this past week I took a pile of books with me, and a pile of edits to do, and a notebook for new ideas, and ... you get the picture? I took lots to do and all I managed was to read one book!

One book.

Thank goodness it was a good one.

I was at a wedding last weekend, then we circumnavigated Barrington Tops National Park driving in a few times when you could. Then I had a few days rest while Mr Ellink went to a work conference (but he kept popping out of things to check up on me), which all amounted to lots of kilometres done, lots of photos and eating and chatting, not a lot of reading and even less writing or editing.

But I digress.

House for all Seasons is wonderful. It's the story of 4 women who are brought together after 20 years of almost non-contact. They had been friends at school until tragedy and life sent them all off in different directions.

I don't want to give too much away, so I won't say alot. Jenn J McLeod does an amazing thing by weaving the story together from 4 separate parts/points of view. It's very clever. The town and the people are brought to life. The 4 'friends' are people I'd like to meet (well, maybe not all of them!) but definitely some of them.

I'm a sook, so I cried... often... but not buckets. I smiled a lot. I laughed. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Actually, I was pretty miffed each time I had to stop reading it. I wanted to get lost in the world and stay there.

If I could only pick one book to read on my holiday, I'm glad it was this.


  1. Sounded like a great read Cate. Thanks for sharing. Will have to search it out now.

    1. Hi Maryde,
      It's a lovely read. Thanks for stopping in and saying Hi.

      Cate xo

  2. Sounds like an awesome read. Great review Cate, I can't wait to get my hands on it.

  3. Hello Ms Hayson,
    It was a good read, I enjoyed it. Thank you, but I don't write good reviews because I hate telling people the story! I just write and tell you why you'd like it - and hope you're as nutty as me! LOL

    Thanks for visiting.
    Cate xo