Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have yourself...

A Very Merry Little Christmas now...

I won't sing for you... but please have a happy and safe Christmas. Hope the plump man in the Red Suit leaves lots of gifts under your tree!!

Cate xox

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sexy, seductive... strawberries...

I had this idea the other night for a new short story - 12 ways to seduce sexily with strawberries. Sounds great doesn't it? Those red plump fruits are just right for seduction... holding one in your lips while someone nibbles their way to kissing you...

Yep, I got to eight of those sexy sective things.

Twelve. I wanted twelve! Where do I find 4 more seductive things to do with strawberries? Why do I have such crazy ideas? And why is it important to find those 4 more? It is ... it is... it is. Never let your creativity stifle... push deeper ... I'm sure there are at least 4 more ideas...

Feel free to help me out here :-)

Monday, December 21, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

What is your Christmas wish?

A new whip? chains? handcuffs?
A dildo? inflatable dildo?
A real man/woman?
A hot pick up?
Steamy sex ... in the shower? in front of the log fire? on the beach? anywhere?

My Christmas wish is to win the December Mainstream Erotica short story contest. Silly, I know when there are such juicy things to wish for! But if I can win that and write each month, and get some money for it, not to mention publishing history and publication credits... ahhhh... I would be a happy girl.

And then.... maybe the new year's resolution could be buy an inflatable dildo, new handcuffs, find a hot pick up and have steamy sex in the shower!!

Well, a girl's gotta have dreams....

Friday, December 18, 2009

What seduces you?

So, if it's all about body language... what seduces you?

For me, it's eyes. A pair of eyes that can see right into you. Ones that don't flick away from your stare. Ones that match your gaze for that "too long" period. Ones that caress while they examine.

I know some friends who like butts. I don't even look. Okay, well, maybe... but it's usuallyy when someone mentions "he's got a great butt"... or when they're naked and walking away from me. If I can draw my eyes away from their shoulders, then I do look at their butt. But really, it's not high on my list of body features.

Oh, kind of got off body language then, didn't I?

I'm not a big toucher. I don't touch to seduce and I don't really respond to it either. I think it's too... obvious. I like mine subtle.

But I'm writing about an obvious seduction with lots of touching. And older woman and a younger girl. I just think most women are touchers. Am I wrong?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's all about body language

Body language... it's the missing thing in my writing. Those gestures that mean someone's interested in you. Those little peeks, touches, movements that tell you to continue the pick up. I was missing them in my story ... but I'm getting them now.

A necklace with a pendant lying between breasts is a great thing to toy with to draw attention to your bust.

How about those looks that trail across lips a little longer than necessary?

What about the discrete touch, at first on the arm or hand, and then more intimate.Sometimes using the excuse of looking at clothes or pendants...and fingers brush flesh... enough so the recipient knows it was intentional but no one else is aware.

So many little things happen in the pick up. Now I just have to write them.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

One Night Stands

Do you have one night stands? Or have you had a one night stand? What's so attractive about them? I've had a few ... and the passion is often huge. Is it real? How does it happen? There's usually some primitive connection that makes you burn with lust... well for me anyway. Is that what happens to you?

I'm trying to write a story about one... but how do you capture that intensity in words? How do you capture that lust? the desire? the connection that happens so quickly?

Sometimes I have barely spoken to the person, yet you know the connection is there. How? Sometimes it's an igniting touch. Sometimes it's just eye contact.

And what makes it stay a one nighter? If a connection is there, why does it go in the morning? Or is the connection only there because you know it will go?

I picked up one night and I still think about the guy. It wasn't just that the sex was hot (and it was hot, hard, fast - just how I needed it). We didn't talk at all before, just eye contact got us fucking. But afterwards... our talk was raw, personal, deep. How did we have that connection? How do I capture that in words?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why a Surfer?

Have you seen surfers? Well, maybe not always their faces up close... but their bodies? Have you ever seen a fat one? I haven't. Surfers are always lean, muscular and clad in skin tight wetsuits. They walk-jog through the sand flexing calf muscles. Often their wetsuits are not on the top half and you get a good display of pecs, shoulders, shoulder blades, biceps. Yummmmm.

Then when they're out on their boards, riding the waves... the good ones could be born to do it. They just move effortlessly. Huge surf seems not to worry them. Sharks... bah! You can have ten guys line up for a wave and somehow someone gets it and it's not a free-for-all. And did I mention those bodies...

I often sit and watch them... I mean the surf... oh, okay, them. What would you do if one performed surf stunts for you? How would you reward him? A kiss? A bit more? Wouldn't you want to know what he felt like beneath the wetsuit...?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pain Surfer Idea

How did Pain Surfer originate?

Hmm... a friend asked me why I got off on pain/pleasure. I wasn't sure. What is it about pain that makes the pleasure so much better?

I think sometimes it's like the story... you get trapped in the pleasure and can't lose yourself - the pain is a distraction to let you go. Sometimes a good bite, pinch or slap is all you need. Sometimes you want something more dire... like tearing of your flesh.

It's hard to find a partner who understands the connundrum. So in this story, I made a mishap the catalyst for the pain/pleasure reaction... well, I did put in a bite, who can resist a bit of flesh!

There's a lot to explore in the pain/pleasure theme... I look forward to sharing more.

Monday, December 7, 2009


How do you get an idea for a story? Good question. Not sure I can answer it though.

It's just how my brain works. It develops stories and ideas all the time. Non stop. So much so that sometimes I can't sleep until I write down whatever is in my head.

Is anyone else like that? Or am I nuts?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm up in lights

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm in!!!

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Monday, November 30, 2009


You know sometimes, when you do something so stupid... yep, that's me. The short story I sent for December missed the December deadline and so it's for January. That means longer waiting. It also means the wrong month in the subject line. *sigh* Sometimes, I wish my brain worked.


How do you get ideas for writing? I don't really know the answer. My head just is full of weird things that pop out at the strangest times. They're most likely twists and thoughts on things that have happened or things that I have read or heard.

I know that if I'm tired or stressed my mind doesn't create... the ideas stop popping up and writing becomes a chore, worse than a chore. So to keep writing, I need to be in a happy place in my mind. That doesn't mean I'm ecstatic or anything. Just that I'm not excessively tired or stressed.

All last week I was tired (no writing) and yesterday I went to see New Moon and then came home and napped for a couple of hours. That nap took me back to being normally tired and not excessively tired. So last night, while waiting for sleep to claim me, my mind was full of story ideas. The next short story for the Mainstream Erotic contest is in note form ready to go. A couple edits for old stories are also scribbled down.

And how do I sleep when my mind gets creative? It's taken me a while to work that one out!! I have a notepad and pen beside my bed and I write it all down in the dark as it comes spewing from my head. To say it's raw is quite an understatement. And my writing has become legible, only with practise! Once the scribble has happened, my mind quietens and I sleep. If I don't scribble, it doesn't go quiet.

Am I completely weird? Yes. But if you move in writing circles, then no, not completely weird. And you wonder why I like being with writers!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 2

Today I entered a story into the Mainstream Erotica Contest for the month of December. They only choose 10 to be listed for the month. Can I possibly be that lucky?

You can be sure I'll let you know if I am chosen.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Welcome to my first post. I'm Cate Ellink.

I write erotic stories, thoughts and scenes. Some days they come easily to my mind. Other days they are just hard work.I will try to share some with you as I start my journey towards publication (fingers and toes crossed!).

Wish me luck....