Friday, March 29, 2013

Phallic Friday - Vaginas

Today's topic is Vaginas.

Why? Because a writing friend alerted me to a fantastic book that's just been released called 101 Vagina (even though I keep thinking Vagina101, as if it's a lesson!).

It's a book which portrays photographs of 101 vaginas with the aim to break down the taboo about vaginas and body image in general. What a fantastic idea! For me, this is a major break through for women.

I've heard of men comparing their penises, especially as children, but I have never been a part of women comparing vaginas (although maybe it's only my sheltered life!). And vaginas are a body part, like everything else, that I wonder about - is it too different? too ugly? too fat? too flabby? too long? too hairy? not hairy enough? too weird?

I have had a vagina discussion with a male who's seen quite a I do know that there are all shapes and sizes and different men like different things. But I really haven't seen that with my own eyes - I just have to take his word for it! :)

I've always wanted to write my erotic stories with an emphasis on describing the "meaty" parts of my characters but I've not been game. I've done a bit with penis description but vagina description is not something I've tried. Penises and vaginas are glossed over in generic terms, not really described in detail. (Or am I missing the more descriptive books?) Maybe I should be brave and try it. I have a story I'm writing with an uncircumcised penis and a girl who hasn't touched an "unskinned"one before. Maybe I should make that story rich on "meaty" bit details.

Am I that brave?

101 Vagina interests me greatly. I'll have to save up! And the next book they're planning is 101 Penises. Won't they look great on my coffee table? LOL


  1. How would you explain this coffee table book when the in-laws come to visit? If I put a book like that out in our house, chances are Mr 5 would want to take it to pre-primary for his turn at "News". :)
    I can't recall anything I've read that overly describes either dick or fanny, unless it's for something other than basic size/shape. e.g. that he had a tatoo on his dick, or she's pierced, or something along those lines.
    There are times I think, less is more... and this is probably one of them. Does it really matter?
    That said, I think if the girl's never seen an 'unskinned' one - then it's probably worth discussion, as she would think of it, wouldn't she & compare.

    1. LOL my hubby would never leave it in view!

      You're probably right, less probably is what people want. But we spend so many words describing legs, arms, eyes, hands, shoulders, butt,etc etc. Why don't we describe more intimate body parts? And it probably shouldn't matter, just something that makes me wonder. And if you do describe them - is it possible? Can a writer do such a description? Just another challenge I guess.

      Thanks for your thoughts :) Happy Easter.

      Cate xo