Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Story - Krissy Daniels

With a book title of, How to Kill Your Boss, how could I not read that? Immediately a few of my past bosses came to mind - one in particular I used to fantasise about his end! LOL Thankfully not the way this book had it!

I stumbled across Krissy Daniels through my association with The Naughty Ninjas. Krissy won our April prize and I was to send her a book. We emailed and we ended up swapping all our books - I even got a sneak peek at Krissy's new book, Aglow, that's out 2 June - and it's awesome!!!

Preorder AGLOW - I think it's 99c, which is a total bargain!!!

I did an interview with Krissy for the Naughty Ninjas, which you can find here. I desperately wanted to know more about her writing and her plans for more books. so rather than stalk her and bombard her with questions, I did it in a totally legitimate way with an interview - sneaky, hey? (That's how we get to be Naughty Ninjas, you know :) ).

One thing I noticed when I gorged on Krissy's books, How To Kill Your Boss, Aflame and Aglow, was that she writes in both first person (How To Kill Your Boss) and third person (Aflame and Aglow). The choice between first person and third person is something I've struggled with for years. I LOVE first person. It sings to me...and Krissy's is no different. For me, How To Kill Your Boss, was magical. It was witty and funny and had so much spark and sass. Then I opened Aflame and I missed the first person voice...but let me tell you, I soon forgot to worry! The story ripped me away into that 'reader world'.

And maybe that's the key. First person brings you snappier, wittier, sassier writing. Third person tells more of a story, which weaves around all the characters. I'm not convinced yet...but I'll write in third when I have to. I read comments from so many people who say something like, "I hate first person" and it makes me so sad.  They're missing out on so much great reading!

Aflame But I digress... :)

Let me tell you a bit about Krissy's books.

They're romances and don't have cliffhanger endings.

How To Kill Your Boss is like a suspense-comedy. It has some really powerful angst in the story and the characters, so although I say comedy, it's a dark one. Someone's out to kill Tatum (heroine), and Franklin (hero) is to protect her...but it's nowhere near smooth sailing. There's action aplenty, not only as they try to have a relationship, but in the whole world around them. It's chaos, even when they try to escape it. Clever, witty, fun, as well as deep and angsty.

Aflame and Aglow for a series that's a romance with paranormal themes. Each book is focused on a different set of characters within the same world...and it's a lovely world - part real world, part something like an extended family utopia.

Aglow (Apotheosis #2)
Isn't this sexy? :)
In Aflame, Grayce and Zander star. We meet Tyr (villain) and most of the other characters too. Grayce has been through horrific things but is such an amazing heroine who still cares for people after such horror has befallen her. Zander is this huge hunk who makes me all sloppy with his over-protective alpha-ism. He's fun too though, and soft-hearted.

In Aglow, Marcus and Camilla take centre stage. Oh, they're so much fun. Camilla is like Ms Purity...until she's not, and when she's not, Oh Boy! It's steaming hot! Marcus is even more over-protective alpha than Zander (and I'd thought Zander was hot!) and Camilla has him all worked up and tied in knots. And while they're trying to work out their relationship, bad stuff happens...all the time!

These books kept me up at night. So be careful!

Smoking hot heroes, wicked sex, smart dialogue and sexy sexy times - what more do you need of an evening? :)


  1. Ok. I'm on my way to get the pre-order book.

    1. Good on you, Lily. Thanks! I hope you enjoy it. I think it's an awesome series. Hope you do too.

      Cate xox

  2. Cate! Thank you so much for the lovely words! I adore you and your writing and I'm so thankful we got to meet through Naughty Ninjas!

    1. Hi Krissy,
      So glad you could stop by! And I'm VERY glad to have met you too! And I'm extra glad your books keep me up all night - love books like that!!

      Happy writing!

      Cate xo