Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday - pelicans

Up close with a resting pelican
On Sunday I had the day of pelicans! These 4 photos were taken on my walk. Some days the pelicans aren't photogenic, but on Sunday, they were posing well.

This first fellow was sitting just off the path. I was a little worried he may have been injured because he let me get so close to him...but on my return a few more people were around he wasn't so thrilled by their attention. So no injury, just resting...and he must have enjoyed me chatting to him as I took my photos!

Coming in for landing
Pelicans coming in to land make me laugh. They are the most ungainly things and this photo depicts the typical landings. Legs and wings seem to go like the clappers, then there's a flick of feathers and they settle down as if nothing funny happened. I wish I had a video, not just a still! Just love peli-landings! They're kind of like jumbos...but messier.

These two pelicans were in poles at the boat ramp. One tucked up having a snooze, the other surveying the scene.

Given the messy approach they have for landing, it always surprises me that they can land on poles and lights and bars. They don't look any worse landing on tricky spots than they do on the beach!

They're a magnificent bird. I think I fell in love with them when I read Colin Thiele's Storm Boy. But it may have been the rhyme associated with pelicans that won me over - Mum often said it to me because I was a guts! Pelican, pelican, your beak holds more than your belly can.

Having a snooze where no one will bother you

Surveying the scene without expending energy

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