Friday, May 15, 2015

Phallic Friday - furries, teddies and plush toys

This week we're going to look at a fetish all about soft toys, teddy bears, dressing in fursuits, dressing as animals, being happiest with furries.

This can be a fun, dress-up activity that people partake in, like FurFest which I think is an offshoot from ComicCon. A time where people get to dress as an animal and mix and mingle in relative anonymity behind their fur mask.

Or it can be a lifestyle choice, where you mix with other people who enjoy this fetish and partake in activities, including sex, dressed as your animal.

I'm probably explaining this terribly...but from what I've been reading as I hunted around to understand this fetish, it seems that for some people it's just a game they play, yet for others it's a complete lifestyle choice. Maybe that's not too dissimilar to a couple who occasionally play with a whip or handcuffs, compared with the full BDSM lifestyle.

There are quite a number of theories as to why this fetish is popular. Some believe that it comes from childhood affection to stuffed animals, or a particular stuffed animal. Others believe it's a way to hide your true self and take on a new identity that is devoid of gender, age, race, and other 'human' issues. Dressing as an 'animal' also takes away any human physical traits that a person may not see as attractive, and so they can indulge sexually without fear of rejection.

The fur community have developed a language for their needs. "Skritching" is grooming another's fur. "Yiffing" is mating, and a 'fur pile' is an orgy. "Plushies" are those who become aroused through the use of soft toys, also called "plushophiles".

It's an interesting fetish. I think the huge increase in shape-shifter romance stories might be indicative of the increase in the number of people interested in this fetish. There are certainly many more events for people interested in dressing up fetishes than there were twenty years ago. The world seems to be changing for people with some of the more 'cute' fetishes. One day the world may be ready to accept everyone. I'd love to see that.


  1. Okay, now this I might be able to try one day.

    1. Wow! Glad I included it then :) did this inspire your shifter short story?

      Cate xo

    2. He he! No, I can't really say what brought that on, other than the FB group ninja post we all saw... for some reason, Rhyll posted about that submission and then the idea just grew. (But it may yet be a truly crap idea. I might post it on wattpad tho, for the fun of it).