Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Story -The Embattled Road

A while back I read a book pack called Sealed With A Kiss, a bunch of books about SEALs. One story, about dogs, really struck a chord. So I had a look for other books by the same author and came across The Embattled Road, which is a prequel to a series.

Oh, oh, oh. It was so good. It's the story of three soldiers, injured during war, and their recovery...which sounds boring...but it's not at all. These men want to do something useful despite their injuries...but what is available to vets with amputated limbs, the inability to walk, PTSD?

So, while reading this, I started to really like these three blokes. One a grumpy bastard who should be unlikeable but who I've ended up liking the best.

Looks like more books by JM Madden will be hitting my TBR pile :)

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