Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday - Wallaby footprints

Wallaby prints - resting
Last week, I found wallaby footprints in the sand. There's something really special about seeing these in the sand. I expect to see 'roos and wallabies in the bush, not on the beach!

There's a lot of national park around me, and this is where the wallabies are. Sometimes we see them on the side of the road from town, usually grazing but sometimes they've been hit and killed.

One of my favourite books I collected while at uni is called Mammal Tracks and Signs by Barbara Triggs, which then became Tracks, Scats and Other Traces in a later edition (yes, I have both!). I've always been fascinated by footprints, tracks in the bush and identifying animals by them - I blame reading mysteries!!

Wallaby prints - moving
From resting to moving