Friday, May 23, 2014

Phallic Friday - open marriages

Last week I read an article about a couple with an open marriage - and of course I can't find it anywhere now I need it!

But no matter, they had been together for 13 years and had had an open marriage for the last 8 years. They had children, one child together and an older child from the woman's previous relationship (s). The older child was 16 and knew of her parent's lifestyle.

Open marriages fascinate me. I'd love to understand how you get to a point where you can be so open with each other that you could ask to have sex with someone else, alone, without your partner. This is what this couple did.

One of the Naughty Ninja girls is a swinger and I asked her about this. She had a book she was writing to help people, like me, understand their lifestyle and decide if it was right for them.

The biggest thing I got from reading her book, was that jealousy was never an issue if you truly wanted an open marriage/swinger lifestyle. You weren't competing for attention, or for partners, you truly enjoyed seeing your partner with another person, or thinking about them with someone else, or listening to their story after they'd been with someone else.

And that fascinates me.

I think one day I'm going to write a story about an open marriage. I'd like to challenge myself to think more deeply about the situation.

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