Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Story - multiple partners

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How do you feel about multiple partners? Not in real life, but in your fiction? I find them really really hot. I had a binge on Kaliana Cole when I first ran across her stories - she has a town, Liberty Springs, where multiple partners is the 'norm' and a woman can live with a bunch of brothers or a couple of friends. Sometimes they marry one, but all live harmoniously together.

Most multiple partner stories don't have all the partners participating with each other, but those that do really heat my blood. Rhiannon Ayers has one story, Demons Within, that I read recently and the two men interacted with each other as well as the woman they both loved.

I think multiple partners is such a hot topic for me because it's in the realms o
f fantasy. I'm not really sure that I could physically handle too much attention! But thinking about it, writing about it, is really fun. I like that there's multiple dynamics, many things happening at once, and lots of people to consider.

I'm thinking of going down the M/M/F line for the next book I start. I'm hoping I can pull off some hot male-male sex with a delicious heroine involved.

I'm a little scared about juggling three people - not just the sex, but the emotional content too. I'm not really sure that I believe people could juggle the jealousy aspect in reality...but in fiction, I hope I can work through that somehow.

Anyway, on to multiple partners...just as soon as Tam and Jared get their act together and she learns to give great head!

God, I love this job!!

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