Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wildlife Wednesday

Today's Backyard Wildlife are skinks - very big skinks! I guess because they're so huge, they must be a different species to the tiny little skinks I'm used to but I haven't found what they are.

These might be a pair as I always see them together. The one in the foreground has a very long tail. The other on has quite a stumpy tail. I know skinks regrow their tails, so I don't know if I put the bin down on stumpy's tail, or if it's normal for him/her.

The long tailed one is huge across the middle. I suspect she might be pregnant - but she could be a he who's eating all my strawberries and tomatoes!!

I love the gold colouring on them. In the sunshine it's quite a startling gold.

They're funny little critters and are beginning to trust me, as they don't scurry away when I go near them now. If I get them feeding off my hand, I'll make sure to have the camera handy.

Eastern Water Skinks (from Backyard Buddies)