Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Story - 50 Bales of Hay Christmas time one of my friend's hubby's was given this and promptly said, "tell Cate not to buy it, she can read it next." We swap books all the time this friend and I - that way we read twice as many and don't go broke in the process (although, we're both broke, so maybe that part's not true!)

Anyway, I read it this week. It's hilarious. I hope it's intended to be - I thought it was. There are lots of oblique references to "that sexy book" or "that book everyone's talking about" or "that book available in supermarkets", so I took it as a bit of a send up of 50 Shades of Grey. Oh, and there are lots of references to grey, shades of grey and 50, throughout the stories too.

From her other books, I hadn't realised what a good study Rachael Treasure makes of people. With these short stories and so many of them bunched together, I realised how canny she is at identifying people and traits. Everyone in here is different, vastly different. And I can identify a lot
characters as people I know or have met (no, not the men - the women too!).

One story had me in stitches. It was laugh out loud (even in bed in the middle of the night) funny. Called The Joining, it was the story of an upper-crust type farming widow who owned a good yard dog and had men bringing their bitches to mate with him. This one chap had taken a fancy to her and they get it on in her lounge room but have to move spots because the shagging is a little too active and is threatening her Royal Doulton collection of figurines. And seriously, this woman is not having good sex but she doesn't realise it. She's already checked out the dogs humping, noticed they've knotted and is feeling sorry for her dog now having to wait (they look each other in the eye and share their waiting experience - LOL). Okay, so she moves on...

"...she decided she would aim to move her hips as if competing at Grand Prix Dressage."
"The tilting of her pelvis back and forth as if doing a fine piaffe has an instant effect on Garry..."
"As she lay beneath him, she decided to try a half-pass this way, and then again that way, falling into a perfect pattern and rhythm..."
"Then Marrilyn began to piaffe again with her hips beneath. This, to her excitement, seemed to elicit a strong sensation in her own body and clearly had the desired effect of Garry..."
"...she could soon hear Garry's home-straight heavy breathing in her ear as he galloped home. She joined him on the home-straight too, and as she sailed over a brush fence with a cry, she climaxed ..."

This book is exactly what it says "sexy stories from the farm". It's not overly erotic or descriptive but fun and clever and something I think a lot of people would enjoy. I sure did :)

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