Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday - seagull

Okay, I popped down the beach again - extending my backyard just a tad - to get a bit more diversity. The beach is less than 1km as the crow flies, from my backyard but I have never seen a seagull at my house. Which I find curious, although birds are incredibly territorial, so I guess the seagulls have been thrown out!

They've been called the scavengers of the sea and I kind of like that. They're always padding around cleaning things up - the shoreline, your hot chips, someone's crumbs in the car park.

I kind of like them - in small numbers - and enjoy when they come up to say hello if I'm sitting at the beach. I'm not so fond of them when they compete with you for your hot chips, which is what they're like at some of the beaches in Sydney. Lucky my beach is sparsely populated!

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