Friday, June 28, 2013

Phallic Friday - Lust

It's football time of year and I can't go past doing a post on lusting after footy players. All my life I've been attracted to footballers - well, sportsmen because I lusted after a few jockeys in my youth too!! The sad thing is that now I'm getting a bit long in the tooth and I could be some of these boy's mother... but let's just forget that for a moment!

I was born in Sydney, so for me footy is NRL (Rugby League) but I do watch all other forms of football - or sport really, I'm a sport junkie. But for this post, I'm doing Rugby League because it's a long obsession.

My first and most crushing lust was for Peter Sterling who was the Parramatta NRL team's dashing halfback (number 7). He adorned my wall, my diary, my school books, my everything. I went to games to drool over his play, then lined up for my thousandth autograph, my little moment of pure pleasure being near him. I even wrote him a corny little poem...or more than one! His footy card photo came with me to all my high school exams and some of my uni ones too (maybe all, I can't remember that far back!). I hear him now in the commentary team and still have little lustful heart palpitations.

I had a long lag after Sterlo. No one seemed to fit the bill as a smart, clever footballer who I admired their play as much as them, like Sterlo. And then I went to a Grand Final and saw Darren Lockyer play live. I'd seen him on TV and he did nothing...but live. Oh my! He was my new lust star. Why the difference between live and TV? I think because on TV they zoom in on the action, and what attracts me is the back play, the way these brilliant football minds can direct play away from the action. They read ahead of the game, they're effortlessly on the ball, right where they have to be. They call the shots. Oh, they're just incredible to watch. And now, Darren Lockyer is also in the Channel 9 commentary team. Two lusts for one!

Then, another Grand Final and the Melbourne Storm number 7 caught my heart, Cooper Cronk. Oh my. Darren Lockyer wasn't Sterlo but Cooper Cronk takes me back to Sterlo. When he's on the field, I can't watch anyone else - is there anyone else out there? And last year, sitting at the Grand Final I invented a story with Cooper Cronk as my hero.

I've never written with a "real" person as my hero before. It's incredibly distracting! I watched the State of Origin game and all I can think of is my scene - the one I'm writing is sex on a secluded beach and my heroine is so in lust with him!

I've amassed a pile of Cooper Cronk photos so I can look at them to get good descriptions of his facial expressions and body for my scenes (purely research, I tell you!). After Game 1 State of Origin, they shot inside the dressing side and there was my hero, shirt off, arms above his head, muscles bulging in his arms. Drool or what? And then, OMG, he stretched. Lord, I was off the lounge, tongue out, just knowing it could be in my scene when poor Sam is watching Cooper remove his diving wetsuit and she's finally seeing all the muscles his t-shirt promised and his wetsuit hid. Grabbing pen and paper I scribbled while my mind replayed the scene over and over.

I'm not sure my husband quite understands this research phase of my story writing. I know he doesn't have any understanding of my lust for footballers - and my lust is not just for looks and bodies, it's brains too. And just quietly, most people tell me I have no taste in men :)


  1. LOL.
    Now you might call your hero 'Cooper', but seriously? Cronk??? That's just not gonna cut it!
    As you know by now - I'm an AFL girl - and I tend to think the rugby guys are just that too much like muscled-up tree trunks. I tend to prefer the slightly more svelte Aussie rules player.
    But let's not split hairs. Most sport provides for eye candy. What about Olympic swimming? I mean *ahem*...
    Good on you for the post, I loved it. Now I'm off for Friday night Football.

    Lily M

    1. Hey Lily,
      So far he's stayed Cooper...but no surname. I can't claim him as real so he needs a different name.

      I have lusted after AFL guys in the past but if the name doesn't escape me, the spelling does! AFL guys tend to have amazing shoulders.

      Oh, yeah, swimmers... But they often retire before they are fully grown :)

      Enjoy the footy!

      Cate xo

  2. Oh, footy bliss last night - Cooper Cronk playing; Peter Sterling commentating; Darren Lockyer Sideline Eye. Ahhh :)

    Cate xo