Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Story - Natural Law

I've struggled to find me some good BDSM stories that hit me as real. There are a lot of good stories around but I don't often get grabbed by them. I can't exactly tell you why, but I have an "as if" thing happen. Something doesn't ring true in the characterisation, or the D/s relationship just doesn't hold me.

This book is not new. It's from 2004. But I missed it. Totally missed this author. Which is really remiss of me, I know.

Fortunately, a writing buddy tweeted about it being a freebie on Amazon and said it was one of her favs. So I downloaded it. It was free, if I hated it, I could can it without feeling compelled to get to the end.

But OMG. No canning happened. 4 am came and I was still deep into the story. (Can't tell you how non-comprehending Mr E is about these sorts of reading habits - I mean the 4 am ones, he didn;t know what I was reading!)

The hero is a cop, a successful undercover cop of many years, now a detective. He's strong, tough, protective, alpha ... but omg, he's a sub. And he fights it. He fights his submissive nature by topping from the bottom, until he meets the woman who calls him on it. And then the struggle begins.

I totally went with this. The hero struggles to be submissive. The heroine struggles to always be dominant. But their natures are so strong, they can't be happy shirking who they are.

It's a fantastic story - a whodunit - mixed in with the D/s investigation/explanation. It's so well done, I was caught up in the world. I loved it.

Might have to go on a Joey W Hill rampage :)


  1. Sounds fascinating... what is "topping from the bottom?"
    Is it the subject of a phallic Friday post?

    1. Hey Lily,
      'Topping from the bottom' could be a Friday post. It's a term used when a submissive tries to manipulate the dominant to get what they want. A submissive should take what's given, not manipulate the situation. Good topic though, thanks :)

      Cate xo