Friday, October 25, 2013

Phallic Friday - water and sex

Do you have a thing for water and sex? I don't mean anything too bizarre... just sex in the shower, the bath, the hot tub, at the beach, in the ocean? That sort of thing.

I think I do.

I wasn't completely conscious of it but it's coming out in my writing, and making me think more about it.

I remember a couple of conversations with others and I thought they were weird - now I think it's me.

One friend was saying how she kept reading books where people had sex against walls, even in the shower, as if that could happen in real life. I stopped and stared at her. "You've never had sex in the shower?" I asked. She laughed loudly at me and told me it only happened in books. And really, who was I to argue? I wasn't going to go into graphic detail of my sex life. Or show her what she was missing!

I have another friend who says she's tried sex in the shower and the bath and the pool and they're all big fails. Her fails are what excites me. We just laughed about that one. She said she'd try again...but I don't think her views will change.

My stories all seem to have wet sex. Pain Surfer is at the beach on the rocks, and I guess they don't exactly get wet, so maybe that's not counted. A Real Online Fantasy is at the beach on a river. Again, they don't actually do the deed in the water, so maybe that doesn't count either. But are you seeing a theme here? In The Virginity Mission there's a spa scene that gets pretty steamy even if she misses out on losing her virginity there, which is followed by a shower scene but that's a whole lot less steamy. In the one I'm writing now, there's a few steamy beach scenes that don't always get to completion but I did manage to finish one. And they shower together, but are water conscious, so no sex in the shower as such (I know, my stupid practical mind kicked in!).

I like the added stimulus of water. The sensation of movement, or of being held, or of suspension, or warmth, or drips splattering on you. I had an experience once where the hot water ran out on me in a steamy shower scene...that wasn't so much fun. I think in books you need the never-ending supply of hot water. In reality, that's not always available!

Here's a little excerpt from the book I'm writing now:

Complete exposure to the water is sensual. Water caresses my thighs, slides along my nether lips, slips against my heated core giving wet kisses to my hot clit. Nipples, scrunched tight, are soothed by the gentle wet whisper against them.

Languid from the lapping water, I only half notice Cooper toss his shorts towards the shore. It’s when his hands curve around my hips and he pulls me through the caressing sea to land against his naked strength, that I realise he’s starkers. His cock juts forward to meet me before bending against my thigh and snuggling into the natural groove between them. His hips cradle mine, his chest is the table for my breasts to fall upon. Our mouths meet, lock, explore. More moisture. The damp warmth of his lips is hot compared with the sea. The slow press of his tongue into my mouth reminiscent of the water’s press into my cunt.

We’re moving to the beat of the ocean, to the push and pull of the surf, to the ebb and flow. A slow sensuous dance.

So, do you have a thing for water? Or are you a reader who doesn't believe it possible to enjoy wet sex?


  1. I don't have a thing for water. Beach sex wouldn't work for me - I hate cold water and I'm not much of a beach bunny.
    The shower on the other hand... definitely good fun. Warm water is a must!
    I remember that spa scene in Virginity Mission (Oh how I remember!)
    Moving excerpt Cate, well done!
    Love the name Cooper.

    Lily M

    1. Hey Lily,
      I love the beach, but I have to admit to never having had sex on the beach, which may be why I write about it!

      Have to agree with you about the water situation in the shower. Cold water just is wrong, wrong, wrong!

      Thanks, Lily!

      Cate xox