Thursday, October 17, 2013

Phallic Friday - fun sex

Gosh, Friday came around a little too quickly this week and I'm tapping this out just before it turns to Friday.

Aside from messing up the end, which I'm now un-messing, I finished my latest story. The story about two sporty people having a bonk fest on Lord Howe Island, inspired by the cute footy player. One of my friends just did the overall story read (and found my bad ending - I get all flustered when finishing) and said the sex was a whole lot of fun.

This got me sex usually a whole lot of fun?

I didn't consider that I'd written fun sex. I deliberately made this story more light-hearted that deeply emotional. Sometimes, as a reader, I get overdone by the angst in stories, or the heavy conflict, and I wanted to write something that was upbeat and uplifting. Something where the sex was competitive in a good-natured way. I wanted an erotic story that focused on sex. My couple never have sex the same way - and that was a bit of a challenge. At times I thought about making their holiday shorter! But by the end, I was enjoying the creativity and wishing I was in Samantha's place!

Samantha and Cooper have a lot of outdoors sex. I think that's one of the fun aspects - that thrill of being risqué and the fear of being caught. I wish I had their courage (and their body) to bonk outdoors. There's something quite wonderful about open spaces...but for everyone's sake I'll confine my authorly body to clothing!

So, I'm back to the story to fix up the end...and I might just try for one more fun sex scene :)

What's the sex scene you remember as the most 'fun' (real or fictional)?


  1. I think Pretty Woman was right up there for 'fun' sex... and even though it wasn't real sex, the scene of Meg Ryan's in When Harry Met Sally - you know "I want what she's having"... those are two I remember.
    One of my favourite scenes was in The Big Easy with Dennis Quaid and was it Ellen Barkin? That "this is the big easy baby, round here we got a certain way of doing things"... (don't quote me that I've got that word for word, I liked that scene too.)
    I will have to give it more thought! Thanks for giving me the good fun of thinking about sex scenes!

    1. Hey Lily,
      Oh, Pretty Woman had some great fun sex. And that Meg Ryan scene made me laugh so hard. I don't often remember fun sex, more the intense ones. So now I'm going to try to think of some movie scenes.

      I don't remember the one in The Big Easy. Might have to check that one.

      Cate xo