Friday, October 4, 2013

Phallic Friday - writing sex scenes

Yesterday I had twenty minutes before I met my friend for lunch. She works at the library, so I thought I’d browse and find a book but I wasn't in a book finding mood (yeah, this happens but rarely, don't worry, it will pass).

So I grab a carrel (is that what they're called the slightly boxed in little desks?) and decide to write. I'm up to a juicy bit, flesh on flesh sex, the commitment scene. It's intense and I've been thinking about this scene for weeks, so it's ready to rush from my fingertips. Off I go, typing away on my iPad mini, feeling the raunch of naked sex on the beach after a hard won battle to get from a fling to a relationship. And I freeze.

There are kids here.

There’s a kid roaming around looking for a power point for his laptop. A family are opposite me, two kids planning with their mum how long they can leave the dad in the library.

What the hell happened? Why are there so many damn kids in the library?(Yes, it is school holidays but being kid-free, I temporarily forgot that!)

And women write this at home with their children? How? How do you not panic that some kid will inadvertently read a 'fuck' or 'cock' as you type it?

Now there's an old lady standing behind me. Is she reading over my shoulder? Am I paranoid? Oh dear god, everyone's out to read my scintillating words as I type them!

I laugh.

Time's up.

At least I wrote this blog post. The skin on skin scene can wait till I'm at home in my office where no one can read my thoughts.


  1. I really hear you on this one... So many times I've been in the middle of that vital scene when a child wants juice, or an apple, or can't get the door open/shut/whatever; or a fight breaks out, or a toy gets broken, or some work of art gets ripped and requires massive and instant surgery.
    Fun post. Yes - you're paranoid. Hopefully the old lady couldn't see a thing without her glasses!

    1. Oh, that would be so difficult to keep your train of thought. And an interrupted sex scene is very frustrating :)

      I am paranoid...the iPad mini is so small it'd be hard to see anything anyway. I was just feeling all odd.

      I saw on FB today someone said they sit in a cafe with their back to the wall so they can write...must learn from that!

      Happy writing. I hope you get some interruption-free time!

      Cate xo