Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Story

Sorry, I'm really late today. I'll have to get organised...not my strongest point!

Just a quickie today. I have two stories finished where one I've messed up the start, and the other the end. It makes me wonder why I'm in this game. I don't like messing up...but I can't plan or I never write the story. I have to write it to know what happens, so I guess messing up is part of my process.

A couple of my writing buddies are so good with this. One helps me de tangle my messes. Another told me that there are few writers who get it right the first time. This is nice to hear, and it's fantastic to be supported like this.

And then a reviewer on Amazon wrote the nicest review. She didn't like my last story, the characters and story disappointed her, but she liked my writing. And this is lovely. The review has really touched me and I keep smiling and thinking about it.

There are so many lovely people in the world. Some days writing is a joy, even when I mess it up.

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