Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday - emu

Why did the emu cross the road?

I have no idea...but I did snap a photo, through the windscreen!

I've lived in western NSW where it's always been my fear that I'll collect an emu while hurtling down the road. So far I've been lucky and only collected a roo or two. I imagine all those feathers with an emu, those big long legs, that pointy beak, and all of it about windscreen height in my 2WD ute, so I'd always dreaded the thought of an emu in my face. I know, I have ghoulish thoughts.

But anyway, this emu and mate, scooted across the road as we were zooming through WA. No chicks, they're kind of fun to see. These two sauntered across and then when they hit the scrub, they took off full pelt, so my photo of them in the scrub has missing emus! Why they'd saunter across the dangerous part and run manically in the non-dangerous part, amused me.

Emu facts:
  • Emus can't fly
  • Emus are the second largest bird in the world, after the ostrich
  • Emus can grow to 2m tall, weigh 55 kg, and run at 50 km/hr for short stretches.
  • Female emus lay the eggs
  • Male emus sit on the eggs for 40-60 days, during which time he doesn't eat or drink. When the eggs hatch, he looks after the chicks for up to 18 months!
  • Emus eat grass, insects, fruit and seeds
  • Emu eggs are large and green in colour
  • Emus, like kangaroos, can't walk/run backwards


  1. Love. Love. Love emus.

  2. They are funny critters. I should have hunted up some close up pics for you - from the zoo, not ... You know... Close by or anything!

    Cate xo