Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wildlife Wednesday - bird baths

We have a tap in the front garden with a concreted "bowl" beneath it. It came with the house, but it seems that the previous owners used it as a bird bath, so I have continued the tradition.

Throughout the day, birds seem to take their turn at bathing. Around the 4 pm mark, the Rainbow Lorikeets have their turn. They have an all in, very noisy, very splashy bathing routine. It's like family groups come down for a swim!

The rosellas come earlier in the day and they're so much more dignified. They bathe singly, with others standing guard. Sometimes it's just a pair, but often a few stand guard and wait their turn. Should anyone come, there's a call from the trees or the fence, and bathing bird is away. They each seem to spend roughly the same time bathing, which is cute :)

The Masked Plovers don't really bath. They splash water on themselves, drink, and preen.

The cockatoos, corellas, and galahs seem to prefer a bird bath on a stand that is wider as well. It also came with the house and is out the back. Koels have also bathed in the larger sized bath.

I like a bathtub that fits me. I like to sprawl out and soak. Relax my shoulder muscles as I sink into the depths. I'm not terribly fond of the tubs where your knees are under your armpits and you do a quick splash without the joy of soaking! So I completely understand the birds needs for a suitably sized bath!

Do you like a good soak in the bath?

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