Friday, September 16, 2016

Losing Your Virginity

I found this article online, which I thought was interesting. You can find it here. It's pretty much a book promo, but the interesting thread they've taken on it is 'losing her virginity at 30'.

I thought it'd be saying 'how old' she was, or how unrealistic that is, because I've read similar sorts of articles with those themes. Strangely enough, they're saying that it's cool to do it when you're ready. That sometime oddballs have to wait until they're right.

At the start I was worried it'd be a blame game, but it kind of wasn't.

This whole article is rather refreshing. It's light-hearted, a bit goofy, but it still gives a great message that you should be your own self, do things when you're ready, not get caught up in what everyone else is doing. I think that's awesome.

There seems to be some high-profile personalities coming out and showing their strength by being different. I guess there's always been some who promote this, but they're often labelled 'different' anyway. Now it seems more mainstream people are embracing their 'differences'. I think I'd like to see a world where different was celebrated.

I'm sure there'd be problems too, but I'm going to leave my rose-coloured glasses on for now!

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