Monday, September 12, 2016

Married At First Sight Week 3 ep 1

Tonight's episode was with the 3 remaining couples. It's post dinner, meeting up with families and a week before the 'end of the experiment' so decisions need to be made soon.

Nicole and Keller
It appeared like they didn't speak after the dinner but I think this was just editing. It looked like they spoke the next morning. Keller thought he was defending Nicole. She said she didn't need protecting. So there's a difference in values, as well as reading of the atmosphere at dinner.

He apologises and says that he'll do anything to be with her, and that he'll change to suit her. I found this unrealistic and a really silly promise to make because it's almost impossible to keep. But she accepted it, said if it was broken she'd be heart broken (I'm feeling really cynical and jaded!!).

At Keller's family, his mother and Nicole seem a lot alike - laugh a lot, same attitude towards him (he's like a kid). His mum says that he's usually commitment-phobic, so she's seeing a huge difference in him (she says that she thinks Keller must really love Nicole, but this isn't said to Nicole).

Then Keller goes out with Navy mates. Gets rotten drunk, comes home still drunk with a new tattoo (which he's socked to discover). He keeps drinking and she's really shitty. She goes to stay with friends. Next day, he's remorseful but still wearing the same clothes! He's self-sabotaging and he knows it.

These two are both big-hearted people. Keller has some real issues which I hope he gets help for. If he gets help and works on these, I could see them lasting, but I don't know that he'll get help.

Michael and Bella
After the dinner party, Bella says, "I know that whatever I did, he'd have my back." I found this a strange comment - almost like she'd put him to a test. But again, it's editing of the show which takes this out of context, so who knows what else she said. This is where I find analysis of the show frustrating. I don;t think I'll do it again. I can't tell if I'm reading things into what's being said because of the way it's skewed for TV.

Michael is noticing her walls, and even when he tries to talk about this, she doesn't seem to drop them - even for him. He wants depth and intimacy; she's not giving it. I'm suspecting that he might walk away from this relationship (but again...editing!).

When meeting Michael's mother, Bella is still all handsy with Michael. But she's all bubbles and not a lot of substance, even with his mother.

Then Bella catches up with her mate. He asks if she's fallen in love, she says yes, and he asks who said it first - and is relieved when she hasn't. This is kind of odd - does she fall in love often/easily? Then she tells him that at the end of the experiment, she and Michael aren't going to move in together because they both have their own places to go to. He's stunned and says that's weird - but she doesn't find it odd at all. When she tells Michael, he has the same reaction as her friend - stunned.

I think this relationship has never got past the surface. I don't have much hope for this pair.

Mark and Monica
After the dinner, Monica sees that their relationship is quite different to the other ones, so they sit and chat about that. Then they chat about what they feel about their relationship and where they see it going in the future. He says he feels more for her each day, he likes her more, and wants to keep spending time with her. She's the same.

They go to spend time with Monica's mum, and it seems like they get along well - easy going and fun. Then we see Monica telling Mark about her childhood (being one of 8 kids, her dad dying young, her mum having to work, all the kids working too). He's asking questions (gently) and he's really listening (turned to her, head down, eye contact, moving closer). There's not a lot of touching while they talk, but these two aren't touchy feely. Then there's a big hug.

I think these two have the most in common and have gone about their relationship slowly and without being pushed by TV. I hope they make it beyond the show.

So, there's my latest predictions! See how I go tomorrow.

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