Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday - Trevally

Golden Trevally
I think these are Trevally - Golden and Black - but I'm not 100% sure (story of my life, huh?).

On my diving trip to Green Island, these guys hung around the boat because they got a feed. They were impressive fish - both is size and inquisitiveness.

Black Trevally
These photos were taken when the other snorkellers had gone, so the fish behaved quite differently when there was just me there with them. They seemed to have little fear of me and came right up to check me out, check out my camera and see what I was up to.

But they never ventured far from the back of the boat because the crew would randomly throw out food and I guess none of them wanted to miss out!!

The size of them was impressive. I'd say they were 1 m long. In the last photo where you can see the ladder from the boat, there's a pole running along the boat that is 1m underwater. It's the pole that the learn-to-dive people had to hang onto while they did their drills and when they finished the dive before getting out. So if you check out the fish size, I'm not exaggerating :)

The fish feeding frenzy photo I took after I'd had feed thrown on me! The crew didn't realise I was lurking there waiting for the sharks and hurled out feed almost right on my head. First I knew was when I was buffeted by fish and then almost leaped out of the water as tails and mouths cut the surface and splashed. Big brave me thought the sharks had come to get me!! :)

Next time they threw out food, I had my camera ready and I was on the ladder, not in the food pathway!

Feeding frenzy
If you're keen on learning more about these fish, the Australian Museum has some great fact sheets. You can find them here.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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