Friday, September 18, 2015

Phallic Friday - knowledge

I had a conversation with a young girl recently (she's 22) and it made me wonder about knowledge and how we gather it. She's a fashionista, modern girl, has an iphone, internet, girlfriends, a mother, etc.

Anyway, she was telling me that she'd gone to a Health Spa (beautician) for a Brazilian...except she didn't know what she was getting until the hot wax went in places she didn't think hot wax should go!

She'd asked her mother what the difference was between a bikini line wax and a Brazilian and her mother had told her there wasn't much. (!?!)

So she went to the Spa and booked in for a Brazilian. The beautician checked with her a few times to make sure that was what she wanted - but at no stage in that checking did she say exactly what a Brazilian was, and the client never asked exactly what she was getting.

And then the beautician visited areas the client thought was odd, and then hot wax went these places too...and it was too late for her now that she'd finally realised what she'd asked for.

I was laughing hard, but I was also shocked. When you only have to Google something to find out what it is, how did she not know what she was asking for? How did her mother not know? And how does a mother shrug off a question when she doesn't know the answer - isn't it better to say, "Look it up" like my Mum always did?

Yes, I thought about directing her to Phallic Friday...but then how could I have written this post? :)


  1. Ouch! She was probably too afraid of the search items that would show up on her Internet... in case her mum found out.