Friday, September 4, 2015

Phallic Friday - penis size

I was worried about what to write on a Friday now that the fetishes are done, but something always seems to pop up :) and today it's penis size. This post is inspired by an article I read on the news website (here).

The article is about a man with an oversized penis and the problems it's caused him. Let me summarise the article so you don't get smut on your computer (Miss Lily) :)

A 52 year old Mexican man has set the record for the world's longest penis. It's 18.9 inches (48.2 cm) long, and the circumference at the tip is 10 inches (25 cm). The previous record was held by a penis with a 34 cm length.

Ah, yep. It comes down to his knees! (And if it was on me, it would rival the length of a maxi dress!!)

As for the girth, I can get both my hands to meet around it, so it's not as large as some heroes' cocks in some romance stories* :) (And if you want to know how I worked that out, I measured and A4 sheet of paper, folded back an inch or so, and then made it a cylinder to see if my hands wrapped around it! LOL Lucky no one sees me at my computer acting these stupid things out! How would I explain that?)

This poor man's penis rivals that of a horse's.

He says in the article that the size of his penis means he cannot get a woman or a job. He cannot work. His penis goes below his knees. He would like to be classified as disabled but that doesn't seem to have happened, or else there's no welfare in Mexico, as he lives in a room his brothers have given him, scavengers for food, and materials.

* In romance novels, regardless of sub-genre, there seems to be a mantra of 'big is best' but sometimes when I'm reading them and the girl's hands don't go around the guy's penis, my eyes get a little watery. Sometimes I even get the giggles. Big dicks don't do it for me, so I've always been amused as to why this phenomenon is so prevalent in romance.

Then I read a few authors' blog posts about this and I sort of could see their argument. Most of them were saying that we're writing fantasy, so why not make that fantasy aspect extend to the cocks that are servicing our heroines. And sure, I can see what they're saying, but don't we owe it to readers to keep it real too? I mean we have safe sex so it's real, shouldn't we have all sized dicks too? Or at least her hands should be able to hold it!

And if you think there was a similar post to this a while back, I found it here, from 2013. I can't believe it was so long ago!


  1. I saw that on the news too!
    Tell you what, this morning I tried to get my hands around my own waist. (Yeah - never had a hope of doing this). So the thought of not being able to get my hands around a bloke's dong is really kind of eye-wateringly scary. I'm with you. Let's keep it real! :)

    1. Hey Lily,
      I'm very glad you can't get your hands around your waist!!! It's pretty tiny for a waist but kind of big for something heading inside you! I'm glad you also have an eye watering reaction.

      Cate xo