Friday, January 30, 2015

Phallic Friday - sexual awakening

I've started writing a new book - all about sexual awakening. So on Phallic Fridays, I'm going to explore something to do with the story, to see if I can get some facts, some ideas and think out the ideas.

So the idea is that a woman, Peri, starts work in a Fetish Club. She thinks she's quite experienced with sex and she's submissive. I hope she'll discover a world she didn't know existed, and learn that she's not submissive at all. I also want it to be a bit confronting to Peri, for she'll realise she's been abused, not educated, in the past.

It probably won't be a comfortable book, but we'll see how I go.

I want to investigate some popular and not-so-popular fetishes and think about what makes them work for people. I want Peri to react to them positively or negatively, but above all respect and try to understand them.

So what kind of fetishes/sexual explorations are there? I've done a few Internet searches to find some popular and odd ones, and this is the list I've come up with so far:

erotic dance
long hair
mutual masturbation
dominance-submissive (power balance)
teasing and leave hanging (ie no orgasm/release)
role play
cross dressing
golden showers and scat play
watching people sleep
teddy bears and fluffies
rape and other extreme D/s roles
group sex/swinging
touching strangers surreptiously
messy/dirty partners

I'm not sure I can deal with all of these. I have a whiteboard with my list...but who knows what my characters end up wanting me to explore!

So if you have anything you think I could add to my list for exploration on Phallic Fridays, please let me know. And make sure you have your say each Friday when I try to explore a different topic.


  1. Do you remember ages ago I posted a comment about stockings/tights and chickened out and asked you to take it back? Well, I'm writing 'that' book right now. It's not romance :)

    1. Yes, I remember! THAT will be an awesome book! I can't wait.

      Cate xo