Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday - ants and aphids

I took this photo the other week in my garden just because the ant made a great contrast with the begonia. Then when I downloaded it, I noticed the aphids on the petal at the back.

I've no idea what sort of any this is...but after last week, I'm just pleased to know it's an ant!

The Museum of Victoria has some good ant info, you can find it here.

Ants live in a highly specialised society. A queen is the centre of this society and there are workers (sterile females) and reproductive males. The workers keep the society functioning--they feed the queen, tend the young, protect and build the colony, as well as growing it as required. The males are there solely to fertilise the queen. She's lays eggs, and lays eggs, and lays eggs!

Makes me think being a worker is hard work but not a bad job. At least you get to see the world, and do things other than just focus on reproduction! Or maybe that's not so least there's a variety of males...

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