Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Story - a revamp

I'm thinking that my blog needs a bit of a revamp.

I've been blahing away to myself and you guys for a while now on the same topics each week. I'm not really drawing in any new people...and I know that's my fault. I wasn't really focused on drawing attention to my ramblings, but I think I may have to do that now.

Every man and his dog has visitors come to their blog - and I don't. Visitors bring their friends along to comment...and this is something I need to do to find new audiences.

Cate Ellink's been a bit too quiet for a bit too long.

So... I'm going to start opening up the blog a bit more and try a few different things.

Wildlife Wednesday: I like doing this bit because it's fun. But I think I need to focus on the sex aspect - which I drift away from because I get caught up with the animal and the 'story'.

Phallic Friday: I need this to be a bit more hard-hitting, not my ramblings so much as some well investigated and thought-through pieces.

Sunday Story: A perfect spot for guest authors of the erotic variety.

Now, if I put more of an effort into these blogs, I'm not sure I can manage them every week. So I might do what I can, which may be more ad hoc than regimented.Although, I'm scared they might fade into oblivion if I don't keep to a routine!

So maybe I'll do good ones, and okay ones, mix them up a bit. Promo the well-researched ones, and keep the ramblings for my regular followers.

November is the launch of the Housewives, so I might get some Housewifely blogs happening to get me started. Let's see how I go!

Does that sound like a plan of attack? Or am I off in pixie-land?

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