Friday, October 31, 2014

Phallic Friday - Moon Cups or Juju Cups

I have weird conversations - even in real life. So I thought I'd share one here.

The other week I'm having a (life saving) Bowen massage. I've been going to this lady for 6 years, so she knows me pretty well. Somehow, we get to discussing periods and I mention Moon Cups. She frowns and says, "What on earth are they?"

So I tell her and off she heads to Google and finds this English website:

I told her to also look up Juju because they were Australian:

Then we have a discussion about these wonders. I say I wish they'd been around when I was younger because they would have been a godsend. She's more skeptical.

She questions how you could use them before you lost your virginity. I say, 'the same as tampons,' as if it's quite obvious. But she's a bit older than me and when she was young, women weren't encouraged to use tampons. "How on earth did you swim?" I ask, horrified at the thought of not swimming for a week every month.

Juju Cups and their discrete bag (from

I was a swimmer, and for that reason, I never thought about not using tampons. I have a vague memory of Mum not being really happy that I was using them, but I didn't really think about it. Some girls I knew said, 'you just squat right down and shove it in,' and that's what I did. It was worth it so I could keep swimming. And I was no Olympic swimmer, it was just a hobby.

My sister bought a Juju Cup a while ago when we first heard about them. She swears by it and wishes she had it years ago. I'd love to have tried one but I figured I was too old to get my money's worth from it. I think that was wishful thinking on my part!!

Are you a Moon Cup or Juju Cup user?

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