Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Story - reading

I've been reading sporadically lately. Nothing has really grabbed me by the throat and made me read, until I read a Crit Partners story the other night that kept me up until 3.30 am! Holy cow. Ainslie Paton - if you don't read her, you should. It's not erotic, but the sexual tension is often huge and the stories are rippers!

But anyway, back to reading in general. Do you go through periods where you don't read so much?

I'm editing a book at the moment and so my reading really dips. This time I'm struggling to read anything - book club books, classics, new stories, stories from friends. It's making me worry! My To Be read pile is horrendous and keeps growing, so I haven't kicked that addiction, just slowed up on the reading portion which kind of defeats the purpose of buying, doesn't it?

Maybe it's the cold I've had. It's laid me low and I know when I was really crook I didn't read a word (which is no fun at all. Don't you get sick to be able to read in bed all day?).

Hopefully I'll be back with a vengeance soon. That TBR pile is calling me and there are some lovely things on it. Maybe once I pick one up I'll be right. Gosh, I hope so!

While I'm uninspired to read, I'll leave you with a yummy picture instead.


  1. See, we're at different stages. I've been reading lots. I've been reading the September Escape books (one called Deep Diving springs to mind); I've read Sarah Belle's too. I've also been reading some of my go-to authors, not romance, in the last month: Michael Robotham & John Sandford. Their writing inspires me. I'm doing more of my own writing too, plus I finished a short story the other day 3000 words for the Margaret River Short Story Comp.
    I think it goes in ebbs and flows... you'll come in or out of a cycle when you're ready Cate.

    xx Lily

    1. Glad to hear you're reading lots, Lily. I have all those Sept ones downloaded and waiting to read. There were so many Ninjas in Sept, it was overwhelming.

      Hope you keep on your great reading binge - and writing too.

      Cate xo