Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday - babies?

Egg laying, January 2014
Back in January, I had a surreal experience in seeing a water dragon laying eggs. You can see the post here and I popped the photo on here - such a wonder!

The other day I was around the same area (walking down the track to the beach) when I came across these two little guys.

They were maybe 6 cm long (about 1/3 of the adult female). Not exactly where the eggs were laid, but close by.

Posing Water Dragon, March 2014
It was an exciting moment to see the young after seeing eggs being laid. I know the chances of them being hatched from the eggs I watched being laid, are slim, but still, life cycles are wonderful.

Young Water Dragon, March 2014
I loved the guy who posed for me. He was fearless - maybe it's a she :)

More photos than words today - hope you don't mind!


  1. That's a classic picture - he looks so bold! Definite hero material! ;)