Friday, April 4, 2014

Phallic Friday - erotic dreams

Do you dream? I'm a dreamer. Almost every night I have a dream (or multiple dreams) that I mostly remember. Often they make completely no sense at all, but sometimes they're good for stories! Sometimes I even have the most erotic dream where I wake all hot and sweaty, and bloody disappointed!! :)

Lately, I've been having a few of those erotic dreams that have my heart racing, sweat beading on my skin, and tingles running through me. My lover isn't anyone I know, well, not really. The damn hero out of Deep Diving has taken residence in my brain. How the hell has he done that?

Last night, I met him in a pre-planned surprise my husband organised (and if that ever happens, someone has actually swapped my husband with a stranger!). It was incredible. The pre-planned surprise ended up being exact scenes from my book - and drat, no, not the sex! We had a swim and lunch on the beach. The exact lunch in my story. The swim wasn't the same as the story, it was at a local beach here, not on Lord Howe.

A few weeks back, I had the hot steamy dream with DD's hero, but it wasn't exactly like the book and I woke waaaaayyyyy too soon. He's popped in a few times like that. But last night was weird. It wasn't sex, it was the getting to know you stuff. But I didn't learn anything new. So why did he come visit?

All my other story heroes have taken their ending and gone. Even if I've only written a scene for them, they've accepted that and gone. And my stories don't always end happily ever after. Sometimes it's just a one-off sex encounter (like Pain Surfer) - and the surfer dude is long gone. In A Real Online Fantasy, I left it open for a second installment by not having his fantasy fulfilled... yet he's gone. In The Virginity Mission, I never thought Mac and Jason would end up married forever - he's her first love and I wasn't convinced they last forever - but they were both happy where I left them. In DD, Sam must be happy because she's gone. But him? No. He's still annoying me - in the nicest possible ways :)

What do you do to get rid of your dream lover? How do you cope with hot, steamy dreams that are burned on your mind for the rest of the day? Anyone had any experience with this? Or have I totally lost my marbles this time?


  1. Oh, well. As per normal when I visit here, I have no great words of wisdom... I rarely remember my dreams, although of the ones I do remember, I guess they will often feature an 'ex' from the past. What can I say? I'm just glad I don't sleep talk. I hope you don't sleep talk Cate?

    1. Oh, Lily! Yes, I do talk in my sleep. But so far I must have censored my chatter because Mr E is still happy! Actually, Mr E says he can't understand what I say when I talk, so that's a good thing. My Mum used to amuse herself by chatting to me and having a perfectly nonsensical discussion about spelling or cups of tea or something crazy!

      So glad you have an 'ex' visit your dreams. Maybe that's all he's doing, just popping by!

      Cate xo

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    1. That's what we do on Fridays, Rhyll, dream up saucy stuff!

      Cate xo