Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Story - repackaging and bundling

One month countdown...

My first little story, A Real Online Fantasy, is getting a new life. Momentum are bundling up the 14 Hot Down Under titles into 4 bundles and re-branding, re-packaging, and sending them out to the world again! Although the little story sells well for me, apparently it could sell better - and I'm keen to see that!

I'm bundled up with three incredible stories: Rhyll Biest's Australia Day cane toad race story, A Sporting Chance, Kylie Scott's zombie apocalyptic action story, Room With A View, and Keziah Hill's arty threesome, Business With Pleasure.

There are 3 other delicious bundles, all with really sexy covers, available from May 27.

I'll post the cover when I can...but I think you'll like it :)

This will be the start of drowning in Cate Ellink stories. I'll also have releases in July (Submission short story), September (Deep Diving) and November (a wicked story). Hope you won't be sick of me by then!


  1. Excellent news! I think it's great that momentum are giving it a second kick along. Great for all of you. I've read 'A Sporting Chance' it was a lot of fun - love that line about 'cane toad race story'... reminds me of: "A Sporting Chance. It's cane toads, but not as you know it."
    And *that* sounds like a tweet!
    Really pleased that you have such a great 2014 coming up. Too much of Cate Ellink is never enough. You must be getting close to seeing your July cover? Is that with Escape?

    1. July is in a Rachel Kramer Bussel anthology and the cover is out already (a woman tied up). My footy one is for Sept and that's Escape and I'm dying to see what they do with it.

      I'm glad Momentum are giving this another shot, and with less racy covers so that might help in the US. Who knows.

      I'm glad you won't get sick of me :) thanks heaps!

      Cate xo