Friday, February 15, 2013

Phallic Friday - Virginity

Oh, goodness, it's Friday night and I suddenly realised I hadn't had my phallic moment! I have the days all scrambled up again. What's happening to me!?

Virginity is the topic today because... well, I have this story called The Virginity Mission and it's been on my mind this week

It's a loss of virginity story - guess you worked that out! Is it unrealistic that in this day and age, a girl could still be a virgin at 21 and at the end of uni? I didn't think so... obviously, since I wrote that in my story... but what do you think?

I'm having a few cold feet (I know I'm not a centipede but I'm feeling like one!). I know there's that virginity ring thing in the US where girls take pride in remaining intact. There were girls I went to uni with who were virgins - but that was some years ago! When I think about the girls I know now who are that age, it's an unrealistic story line. Can I pull it off?

Oh, I hate being old, out of touch and a 'fraidy cat! Can you help my Phallic-Friday-Freakout?


  1. Are you planning to make her a bit of a misfit? (I can see 21 if she's in the ugly-duckling to swan type of trope...) Maybe she's a very responsible youngster who couldn't go out at nights because she had to care for an invalid family member, or an autistic brother, or something like that. (Remember the character in Love Actually who cared for a brother and so kept sacrificing her own chances for love with the hottie in her office?)
    Can you make her a strict catholic using all that religious upbringing stuff you were subjected to (I'm sure I read somewhere you had a religious upbringing?)
    I think 21 is okay (personally); I think it's when they get to 25-30 and still a virgin my mind starts to go... yeah right. Unless she's a teetotaller nun on a desert island, I don't believe that!

    1. Thank you, Lily. I hint at things that made her 'repressed' rather than having any one reason. She has a mother & a best friend who put her down and this (without her noticing it) erodes her self confidence so she never goes out to achieve anything; she just rolls along. It's not until she leaves their influence that she sees what they do. I'm hoping that's enough.

      I did toy with the Catholic thing - yes, I had that upbringing - but it was a bit too close to home :)

      Thanks for relieving me. Lucky I didn't make her older :)

      Cate xox