Friday, February 8, 2013

Phallic Friday - Sex Shops

I'm talking about Sex Shops today because I had an odd experience this week.

In the past, Sex Shops have been exciting places to visit. I remember going with friends to the ones in Canberra and laughing as one friend hid in the car while the rest of us went in and spent ages marvelling at the choice and variety and colours, etc etc.

I remember going to a really classy place in Sydney (women's only) and it was like being in a fabulous boutique, except with sex toys!

And this week I went into the local sex shop. Oh my. I'm not sure how to describe it. Cluttered with junk is probably the closest I can say. There was all sorts of crap for hen's nights and joke gifts. There were tacky costumes for dress up (like you'd buy in Spotlight or something). The man behind the counter could have been a roadie for a 70s rock band. He appeared stoned, had long thinning hair, and couldn't work out my change when I spent $10 and gave him a $50 (sorry, I know, I shouldn't judge people).

And the worst thing - he wouldn't take my Hot Down Under bookmarks. He said e-books weren't something people would buy. Then he looked at the covers on the bookmark AND BLUSHED! He works in a sex shop and he blushed at book covers!?!?!?!?

What is the world coming to? Don't you buy sex toys and serious sex items in sex shops anymore, or am I just in hokey town here?


  1. Really? He blushed at your bookmarks? I assume they have your cover on them, and while hot it isn't even r-rated (which for a sex shop worker shouldn't be even blink-worthy).

    Maybe he's been stoned since the 70s?

    1. It has all the covers on it, so are a couple are more suggestive than mine, but not really bad.

      Maybe it was a drug reaction - he was coming down in a hurry or something! You're right, he was probably stoned.

      Thanks for the reassurance!

      Cate xo

  2. LOL, what is the world coming to indeed! I have a theory that today's generation (whatever they're calling this one, Z?) are far more prudish than us gals that came through the 70's. Mind you it doesn't account for your stoner. Loving your blog, Cate.

    1. Hi Lou,
      Oh, I like your theory... it does seem more prudish even if the world pretends to be more open.

      Yeah, that stoner... it was all a bit much for me. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry!

      I'm glad you enjoy the blog. I'm getting into it now :)

      Cate xox

  3. Classic!
    I can't say there are many sex shops in the last two towns I lived in. I can say, I have yet to grace a sex shop's door. I think I'll do any 'sex' purchases safely online thanks as the idea of confronting someone like your stoner creeps me out!
    Cheers Cate, love Phallic Friday.

    1. Hi Lily,
      Yeah, stoner man creeped me out. Not sure what it was about him - just the whole package, before he even blushed!

      Sex shops are fun with a bunch of you all laughing... not so much fun on your own I found out! (Big Brave me :) )

      Thanks for laughing with me!

      Cate xo